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  1. More Spitfire Mk 1a Took a few more shots today... REX Overdrive really makes a difference. You can put layer upon layer of clouds, looks really cool. I haven't tried the DCS Mustang but I've seen films (and of the real one) and the one thing I really notice between the DCS and A2A models is the sound and vibration from the engine. A2A's version of the Merlin is incredable. I've never heard anything like it in a sim before. Don't get me wrong I love DCS A10C... but I think A2A's warbird accusims probably top the DCS P51D sim. :)
  2. Well it looks like A2A's next accusim will be the P51D. Maybe two good pilots can go head to head and see who can get into position for the 'kill' lol... Will be even better when they accusim the Bf 109 E!! :))
  3. Untrue, The wings were clipped to aid role rate. :)
  4. I agree in part that the art of shooting someone down was boom and zoom. However, Geoffrey Wellum say's in his book time and time again he was able to avoid being shot down because he could out manouever Bf 109's. One time after being bounced he out flew the 109 in a tight turn holding the spit on the edge of a stall. The 109 was 30ft behind on his tail and couldn't keep the turn going. Wellum said 'I could distinctly see the 109 flick out several times before the pilot had to relax his turn (to avoid a stall) by then I had gained some height and would soon be more behind then if front of him' He was actually out of ammo at the time of the engagement, but his Spitfire's ability to out turn the 109 allowed him to escape as indeed it did on many occasions. This turning ability also allowed him to 'latch on' to aircraft that may have moved across his path or turn under an aircraft that was attacking from above.
  5. I quite agree - A Mk1a Spitfire would be no match for a P51D (I assume we are talking dogfighting here). A Mk 9 Spit would be more evenly matched (Same engine as the P51) :)
  6. I haven't flown with FSX for over a year. I even built my whole pit around A10C but I had a go with A2A's Spit and it's truly wonderful. Especially if you have ever read the book 'First light' by Geoffrey Wellam.. I used REX Overdrive for the texture sets.. works well! I'm going to get GEX and UTX for Europe soon and give it a go.... check the screen shots... very atmospheric! :) 2012-5-20_21-0-8-131.BMP 2012-5-20_21-0-12-332.BMP 2012-5-20_21-6-23-463.BMP 2012-5-20_21-6-44-136.BMP
  7. What info would you like droz?
  8. Haha - very good ... Can I fly with you?
  9. Yes MFT you're right - you did! Funny, I was 100% positve I was doing everything right. I'm sure I saw the NAV READY flashing! Oh well - just goes to show how easy it must be to kill yourself in RL - unless you check - double check! :)
  10. Okay - I'll give it a try see what happens.
  11. Thanks MFT - so what happens if you do select it before T=4.00.8? Do you think I should get all the Nav up before I start engines e.g. when the APU is running and start engines last?
  12. OKay - I thought you could not switch from HARS to EGI unless it was aligned.... what should I see? Is it because I have not waited long enough? What am I doing wrong?
  13. Cold start Thanks everyone... here is the track. You will get some strange views because i'm looking around my pit - so I have attached some photos of that as well. You can see the throttle ready and the instruments when all is aligned. The rad alt and EAC were two of the last things I switched on. I haven't upgraded yet because V10 worked really well and A10C was the first thing I installed because I wanted it at the root of my drive. I suppose if I do upgrade then I will patch it instead of re-installling it. I'm just worried it may not run as well though! :) Cold start EAC.trk
  14. I made a track - but don't know where to look in the A10 directory to copy the file. I looked in the mission fiolder and saw one called 'tracks' but there was nothing in there. Can anyone tell me where to look? I took everyines advice on-board and made sure I didn't touch the EAC until the EGI was fully aligned and it still didn't work.... I'll post the track if someone can tell me where to find it.. lol :)
  15. and before anyone else asks - yes I do wait for alignment and CDU: NAV selected and EGI Selected and SAS Channels and on Nav panel change from HARS to EGI Selected and SAS Channels ON and press TO trim... so please keep in mind that I am NOT making mistakes with start-up procedure... just the EAC switch does not work..................................is it a bug?? remember I am not using the latest version!
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