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  1. Yeah, it's sad. At least it doesn't roll that hard and it's still flyable. I was worried if that's only my problem with F18. :)
  2. It's possible but I'm sure it was not rolling before last update (before 2.5 release). I noticed that after update. According to your advice with trim - one left click makes it rolling left for me :/ It seems that I need to fly with pylons :/
  3. I attached track of my test flight. It clearly shows the problem :) test.trk
  4. On fcs page everything is fine. I always use ctrl+enter and everything is centered. I have rudder, roll and pitch mapped only to my stick - t16000m.
  5. Hello. I have a problem with F18. It rolls to the right a little bit. I don't know what is the reason. I have full fuel, all pylons removed, no guns, no flares/chaffs. It's not a joystick problem. I have a problem only with Hornet.
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