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  1. Hi guys... I updated to 2.5.4 - Successfully. Entered the game and ported my planes. Exited the game - then tried to restart. I got the load screen then this message: DCS HAS STOPPED WORKING System specs attached: Intel HD-4400 Directx 11 I attached the Logs below... Help :) Thanks.. Bill dcs.20190202-203202.zip dcs.log-20190202-202250.zip
  2. The FE gives the proper sequence in the training module. The speed at which he gives the sequence is too quick to follow. Do you have any suggestions on how to either slow down the process. Can I pause, find the correct instrument knob then unpause.. can I active pause? Please, advise Bill
  3. Mid-Mission : Saving games Hi all, Every once in a while - mid-mission the game CTD.. is there a way to save games and re-load mid-mission? Thanks,,Bill♦
  4. Sorry if this was answered in a previous post.. Getting very frustrated.. I have attempted to stabilize the looseness of the Roll. If i bank one way or the other, the A-10 is just not controllable... it's way to loose.. I have tried many variations in the option screens... does anyone have any idea on how to tighten up the banking on this joystick.. thanks..Bill
  5. I purchased and downloaded LockOn V1.01 it worked fine. I then patched with 1.12b. Now it won't load. It asks me for my CD. Which of course, I don't have one. I sent 2 emails to support with no response. Does anyone have any ideas to get the game going? Thanks
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