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  1. Or the F-4EJ Kai with LGBs TGPs and guided bombs with late gen missiles
  2. So a F-4 Navy module and an Air Force F-4 module
  3. And SEAM modes for the sidewinder (Golf and Hotel Winders)
  4. for our Phantom flyers out there, heres a funny video talking about some of the stuff on the F-4E
  5. I'd rather have the devs focus on weapons that the F-15E used in combat such as the AGM-130 , GBU-28, GBU-16, etc and etc.
  6. don't forget the unique campaigns that are coming with it as well
  7. F-106 F-5A A-4C A-1H Su-7B and my personal favorite F-4D should all be modelled and added to DCSnull null null
  8. F3H Demon ,Su-9 and 11 (Fishpot) and A-1H Skyraider download.jfif
  9. +1 can't wait to here IRL people in multiplayer saying Cleared contact or Chicks in tow
  10. and F4H was skipped in the phantom to not confuse with the F4H-1
  11. For a sequel , why not both , maybe a prequel where Bozo and Jester in VF28 in a fictional deployment in the middle east and an interchangeable campaign where Bozo and Jesters fly in F-16s and F-5Es
  12. 1. None yet , though the devs could shine some light on english dubbed version 2. you could use the Mouse wheel to zoom in on it.
  13. Title says it all, I am curious what modules you would love to work on next.
  14. As for the actual campaign, Mission 2 and 3 are the easiest missions in the campaigns I'm on Mission 10 and the one before it will really test your skills to attack fast moving targets, but im not going to spoil what happens
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