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  1. Thanks Taz, I'll check that. I do get a message saying that I've completed the mission and I can either RTB or search for targets of opportunity.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm doing Georgian Hammer in 2.7 for the A10cII. I can't seem to progress. I get through missions and "End Mission" and it goes onto the next mission which I complete with "End Mission" again. I can do this a couple of times and then it goes back to the mission where I have to escort Maple and Pine to Dakota and Nevada, two or three missions back. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Thanks Streaky
  3. Hi folks. I flew a mission in the A10c II and Georgian Hammer campaign. I'd completed the mission and had been told I could either RTB or stay up and look for targets of opportunity. I thought I'd go and check out a FARP that wasn't too far away and this took me directly over an airfield. As I got closer I noticed a MiG 29 lining up to take off and surely enough afterburners lit and off he shot down the runway, rotated, gear up and started a left climbing turn. Well, I couldn't pass up on this could I? Selected A-A, Sidewinder, did some pretty spiffy, agressive manoevering and...
  4. I had the same problem to start with. I fixed it by doing a quick left jink straight after take off to get out of his way. Turn about 30 degrees for a few seconds then back on to departure heading. I also find if I climb fairly quickly for a few seconds he goes by underneath. Rgds Lee
  5. Ok thanks. I know it was built in the local computer shop and has a Gigabyte Technology Z68XP-UD3P motherboard. I know it has a huge amount of USB connections of USB , USB2 and USB3 type. Got Win10 on the SSD and Office but there's only 92gb left after that. I have one SSD of 250gb, a 1tb HDD which runs DCS stable version and an external 1tb HDD that I have the Open Beta 2.7 on. I think my best option will be to save up my pennies for a decent computer (believe me THIS one is STREETS ahead of the one I had!!) and ask again for recommendations for a system before I get a new one.
  6. Thanks reece146. It only stutters very occasionally and not every flight. I this any good to you, taken from a CPUID CPU-Z report. CPU Groups 1 CPU Group 0 8 CPUs, mask=0xFF Number of sockets 1 Number of threads 8 APICs ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Socket 0 -- Core 0 (ID 0) -- Thread 0 0 -- Thread 1 1 -- Core 1 (ID 1) -- Thread 2 2 -- Thread 3 3 -- Core 2 (ID 2) -- Thread 4 4
  7. Hi Guys, Because my machine only has 250GB of SSD Ram, my DCS is running from by HDD and will sometimes just stop while it catches up. Only for a couple of seconds but still can spoil the fun. If I buy a huge capicity extrernal SSD Ram will this stop the problem or should I just save lots and upgrade? Thanks Rgds Lee
  8. Thanks, I'll see if I can find it
  9. Hi Guys. I have mapped the x and y axes on this to drive the cursor ob the Radar display. The left and right works correctly but whenI try to drive the vertical, up goes down and vice versa. Anyone know how to fix this please?
  10. Thanks Bossco, I'll See what I can do re the info you've given me. Much food for thought. My DCS install is bigger than the space I have on my SSD so maybe i@ll look for an external one and plug it in then reload all my DCS onto it. MAny thanks for your time and the information. WIll let you know what eventually transpires. Regards Lee
  11. Thanks guys. Bossco, running on a mechanical HDD as I have a very small SSD 250gb. Graphics NVIDIA GTX1070 with 8gb GDDR5'. It has a liwuid cooler, would I still need to replace it? The temp barely goes up at all on what I'm running now. I got my machine from the local computer shop and I believe it was built by them but bought "off the shelf" and was a HUGE improvement on the one I had. I put my 1070 into it as it had a poorer graphics card in it. I'm in the UK. I think minimum spend as you suggest and save up! In fact, probably spend nothing and save up for an Alien
  12. Hi Bossco, On CPU-Z the specification bit says Intel Core I7-2600k @ 3.40 ghz and 4 cores 8 threads. To be honest, I'm generally satisfied it trundles along at about 80fps but occasionally it just stops dead for a couple of seconds while it catches up. Does it more often in Syria than The Caucasus so I guess it's working very hard for what it is. Am I then incorrect in thinking more ram is better? That 4 matched 4gb sicks would be better than the 2 x 4 and 2 x 8 unmatched that I have and would give me faster response? Would 2 x 8gb work as well as 4 x 4? More importantly, woul
  13. Bossco, I play single player at the moment and my monitor is at 3440x1440. Cockpit is set up at 1024 Ideally I need a better computer but that is some time away I fear.
  14. Thanks. So basically, if I get a set of 1600mhz sticks to replace all four, as long as they are matched I will get the best performance? The non optimisation was because I used what I had at the time Thanks for your help.
  15. Thanks Thinder. So, what speed ram should I buy pls? Does XMP-1600 indicate it will run 1600mhz ram and that's what I should get? TIA
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