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  1. Hi all, While working on an open-source project about airstrikes in the Middle-East, I figured this data might be useful for DCS mission makers and players for some inspiration. Attached .KML (Google Earth) contains about 600 verified airstrikes throughout Syria from a variety of coalitions (everything under CJTF-OIR flag, RuAF, RuNavy, TuAF and IAF which are all in individual folders and colorcodes). It also includes a bunch of POI's such as combat posts, observation posts, heliports, etc. How this translates to DCS, I don't know. I'll leave that up to your im
  2. A while back ED had a job available for a writer to fully work on this. As per the patchnotes of DCS Open Beta - 17.12.2020 DCS F-18C Hornet by ED Updated the manual. DCS F-16C Viper by ED Updated the manual. DCS A-10C II Tank Killer by ED Updated the manual. Pretty safe to say that this is actively being worked on but with multiple modules with large documentation and frequent updates it can take a while before everything is sorted out.
  3. Was already reported 4 times in this forum but feedback from Ugra is zero
  4. 1997, yikes Rest assured, the border is still there (LIDO)
  5. I have seen this behavior before as well but it is likely to be down to starting too close to the catapult at an off angle. There is probably a trigger point or zone just before the jet blast deflector because when I circled around and took a longer and straight line runup the shooter started moving.
  6. This is not yet implemented by ED as actual individual button assignments. Mine works normally though with Simappro. I only have the PCR but I guess the PNL light dial works as an axis and you need to go to that section, there is a whole bunch of axis light controls.
  7. Go to the Steam storepage of your desired DLC module and click Play Game. It will launch the download.
  8. So what's the procedure on free to play on Steam or does it not apply there? A bunch of modules are listed as N/A but show a price on the individual page and also at checkout (while the article mentions access all DCS World modules for free ).
  9. No I actually size them to the respective area of interest but due to the zoom you don't see it in that overview picture.
  10. Those are just trigger zones. Currently waiting for the big Cyprus update to drop before continuing.
  11. 16th of December if testing goes well as per ED.
  12. Probably something we have to do as community. I have made a start in a similar topic here.
  13. Yes I have it running on a server. PM me your email address and I will add you to the notification list to receive the alerts.
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