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  1. 1. Is there a Box version of FC3 ? If so where can we get it from? 2. Will there be a Box version of the upcoming DCS FC3? Thank you Nick D.
  2. Thanks. That means to download the current A-10C from ED and install it in WORLD using the serial i got through my old steam purchase?
  3. Steam DCS A-10C Can i merge a steam purchased DCS A-10C & ED shop purchased FC3 in WORLD ?
  4. Are there things missing from windows 7 x64 Home basic, that DCS might need (performance wise i guess) I am planing to build my first ever simulators dedicated PC and thinking if i would be better off maybe with the lightest Windows 7 x64 version available.
  5. lol i remember vaguely many years ago i was able to run some applications on this mode by using some option in drivers i think, GPU scaling i think it was? When i was choosing in-game a resolution lower than the native and Full Screen , it was running on centre of the monitor at 1:1 with the rest of the screen being just black. Would be maybe safe to assume that with AA to 2x (or none at all) and AF to 16x, the performance @ 2560x1600 wont be noticeably worse (except in numbers) than 1920 x 1200?
  6. no i don't ever intend to play on dual monitor configuration, it would make no sense in any aspect. I had for some time crossfire and i gave it up as it was of absolutely no use for flight simulators and AMD didnt give any kind of sign of creating CF profiles for flight simulators. that was about 1.5 year ago. In case that this has changed by now, and DCS can make use of dual cards i'd get a second one again to cope properly with the load of two 30" monitors. I need two monitors only for my work. I intend to keep on flying on a single monitor .
  7. What's the situation with CrossFire, are current drivers and / or DCS updates make use of Crossfire now?
  8. I am planing to get 2 x 30" as i need them for my work, but currently cannot have a second system dedicated to gaming, have to use the same PC for both work and gaming. Will my single 7870 support two 2560x1600 monitors? Is the 7870 enough to play DCS / FC3 on one of the two monitors at 2560 x 1600 with the same fps it does on my current 24" 1920x1200 monitor (i never use the highest resolution cockpit textures in DCS / FC graphics settings, in general my settings are middle-ish) Is it possible to play DCS / FC3 @ 1920 x 1200 on one of the two monitors at 1:1 full screen mode but n
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RC-F-86-Sabre-EDF-50mm-KIT-Radio-Remote-Control-Jet-J-Power-Sky-Angel-/170844900484?pt=AU_Toys_Hobbies_Radio_Controlled_Vehicles&hash=item27c7264c84
  10. LOL !!! just love this humour level !
  11. That Matt video made my pants instantly wet too on hearing Su-27SM, F-86 (hope soon followed by korea map and MiG-15), all those modules (Hornet) and nevada made up for my sadness about no reference to F-16C for which though i will still want to save some portion of hope under the possibility of plans changing a bit at some point (or some third party steps in) as the timetable for all those modules will unavoidably be quite stretched ...
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