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  1. Only one reaction to Araks. For starting your 3d modeling skills its good but for new standard to DCS and more simulators its bad( examplewhat i see: cockpit proportional its bad....yes some switch looks good but some parts of cockpit its diferent to real cockpit....the same with panels....its not bad but proportional to real cockpit its problem and if you fly with VR and you know how looks real cockpit you see what is diferent in your 3d model cockpit....i start modeling looong time and every day i learn how to increase the quality of my work....). sorry if it was something you didn't want to hear but unfortunately so i see your work.... And please return to the main topic.....
  2. It depends on how long you can work on the model, but normally it takes about 8 months to a maximum of 1 year. So if we include 3d modeling with textures and animations for switches and buttons. It looks different than I looked at your model, but it can be seen that the dimensions do not match the real dimensions of the cockpit (also another type of sight). But otherwise I keep my fingers crossed for you! Therefore, more and more slowly it will be a standard, using 3D scanning or photogrammetry to create models where you adhere to the exact dimensions of a real aircraft. I am also constantly learning and trying to use everything that will facilitate the work on creating models ..... thanks again, for all the comments and likes!
  3. September Update Dear pilots, I know that you are expecting news and watching how my project is developing. Today I bring you news with a sequel to the cockpit. The process is a bit longer and at the beginning there were about 400 photos of the cockpit .... The photogrammetry process will be ready soon and the model ready for export to 3ds max. After exporting the model and textures, I will start modeling the cockpit and gradually modifying the textures for the High poly model. Clickable cockpit animations will follow. To give you an idea, I bring renders created using only 70 photos (of course, the more photos the better the 3D model you can use with photogrammetry). Thanks for your support, followers and comments !!
  4. Orientation 3d model in 3ds max: https://www.lockon.ru/en/dev_journal/3d-models/
  5. First of all, thank you for the comment! Yes, it is my goal to bring this aircraft to the community as a fully functional module. But as you know, it's a long process. Among other things, this year I started experimenting with photogrammetry and creating a 3D model using photos. Here is one of my beginnings (it's a render of the Migu-23 cockpit in 3ds max). another milestone will be to revive all systems in the cockpit, and of course this is not possible without the SDK from ED. So there are two ways, either cooperation with the ED team or with some team of third parties. But so far it's all about 3d modeling of the aircraft and some of its armament components ....
  6. After a long time and your questions, I bring you a short update. Work on the project continues, but due to several factors it has slowed down a bit (the holidays have started for children and even the hot days do not allow me to sit so much in front of the computer). But I also have good news for everyone and I hope they enjoy it ... The 3D scan of the cockpit is complete and I hope that in the next month or two, I could start modeling the cockpit. So far I bring you one picture ... Thanks for your interest and comments on this project!
  7. Here is the Friday update. I finishing two other skin(one for Russia and one for Ukraine). After this i checking material and updating for DCS ver 2.7. During this process i starting making 3d cockpit(starting with placeholder). You can see on screen with basic textures and making simple Lua script for animation in the cockpit. Again, thank you for support and comments!!
  8. I know we have thursday, thank you I think Friday is nice day for update or not.....?
  9. Define lods file for plane....
  10. Guys next week i can inform you and bring news on project..... To Semor76: i will make 3d Fitter cockpit....
  11. I think Sab-250-200 illumination bomb?
  12. I forgot. Making new skin.... Ignore tactical numbers....
  13. Logan only M4 version(M3 is little different version)...and i actually not works for Magnitude or other 3rd party.......maybe in future,who knows For this momment it is only new 3d model in DCS.....
  14. For me works!! Uninstal SRS instal vc redist file and i can jump to cockpit without problem....thank you!
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