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  1. After a long time and your questions, I bring you a short update. Work on the project continues, but due to several factors it has slowed down a bit (the holidays have started for children and even the hot days do not allow me to sit so much in front of the computer). But I also have good news for everyone and I hope they enjoy it ... The 3D scan of the cockpit is complete and I hope that in the next month or two, I could start modeling the cockpit. So far I bring you one picture ... Thanks for your interest and comments on this project!
  2. Here is the Friday update. I finishing two other skin(one for Russia and one for Ukraine). After this i checking material and updating for DCS ver 2.7. During this process i starting making 3d cockpit(starting with placeholder). You can see on screen with basic textures and making simple Lua script for animation in the cockpit. Again, thank you for support and comments!!
  3. I know we have thursday, thank you I think Friday is nice day for update or not.....?
  4. Define lods file for plane....
  5. Guys next week i can inform you and bring news on project..... To Semor76: i will make 3d Fitter cockpit....
  6. I think Sab-250-200 illumination bomb?
  7. I forgot. Making new skin.... Ignore tactical numbers....
  8. Logan only M4 version(M3 is little different version)...and i actually not works for Magnitude or other 3rd party.......maybe in future,who knows For this momment it is only new 3d model in DCS.....
  9. For me works!! Uninstal SRS instal vc redist file and i can jump to cockpit without problem....thank you!
  10. For me and other 3 guys doesnt work(we cannot jump to the cockpit is only AI plane. I installation OPENBETA yesterday and download mod. Its clean OPENBETA and only VNAO mod) After instalation SRS mod works correctly. I asked to VNAO guys if is possible make mod without instalation SRS, but for this moment without answer. I think he need investigate where should be problem..... But for this momment, if you have problem jump to the cockpit install SRS and mod works.....
  11. Right, it works and jump to the cockpit if we installed SRS......now question. How to works MOD if i can not install SRS? Or i need SRS and without i can not fly with plane?
  12. Nibbylot only one folder i have not, it is T-45C_Source_Code........hmm???
  13. Right click "Unblock" and doesnt work......
  14. You dont understand me.....Mod is nice but doesnt work for me....i have problem after instalation with dll file.....my friend instal mod without problem and can fly, but i try disable AVG (i have clean instal OPENBETA withouth Mods) and i can not control aircraft.....
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