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  1. Guys, guys, is this suppose to be an easter egg or sth?
  2. I´m aware that the new damage modeling isnt applied to the ground units yet, but this needs some tweaking. These two tanks shoot each other, until none of them has ammo anymore and none of them gets destroyed. test - 0-0.miz
  3. As the title says Or is it meant to be like that?
  4. Even if they don´t add them, it is quite easy do mod them over from the Ka - 50 or Mi 8. Just gonna need to copy and paste some coding lines over to the Mi - 24P and that´s it
  5. @Flappie Correct, thats what i meant. I should have been been more specific
  6. So yeah, how did the Hind get it's nickname? Special armor I should be aware of maybe?
  7. Ah, i tried to correct a spelling mistake and accidently created a second thread. My mistake. How do i delete this thread?
  8. As the title says. I don't imagin it beeing for air to air refueling right?
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