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  1. No I mean when I search on user files with filtri camping and hornet it doesn't show it was updated it stil say the last update was 3.11.2021. You need to check (open) details and even then you only see it was updated from yours notes. I was actual lucky I noticed otherwise I would be manually editing/updating missions.
  2. I have huge difficulty with mission 3, I already tried it 4 times but I can't make it. I think the big problem is not in the mission but DCS bug which alerts ai when amram is lunched even in TWS. Since I prefer BVR this makes this mission very hard and doesn't help I had a break from DCS and for now, I am terrible in bfm, and when it does go well some other things go wrong like wingman not listening to commands or get easy shout down etc... Also for some reason on DCS user files it doesn't show this campaign being updated you need to check details and only in the description y
  3. Sorry I misunderstood what no present means.
  4. It seems that aside from mission one other missions are missing the new 2.7 weather.
  5. In my case, I have a problem with AI crashing into the water and after that mission doesn't progress.
  6. Misson 4 now started working, maybe it just needed dcs restart or it was necessary to press spacebar soon enough.
  7. 5 minutes after I start mission 4 in the campaign I got a message that the mission is over and the winner is red, after that DCS goes to the menu with results. Tried three times and it always happened.
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