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  1. We testet 3 different SS settings. And on higher SS settings the 6900XT should shine. We will update our charts when my brother has time to benchmark his 6900xt. As I already stated with higher resolutions like with a Pimax 8k the 6900xt is way faster than the 6800xt.
  2. How do you guys handle this problem on PvP servers? Two planes near me one is firing on our units - a "red" rocket came of his rails. So i send a AIM120 towards him. (His coloured symbol wasnt visible yet) Looked the second plane, looked at the FCS page and iffed him - didnt came back green. So shot another AIM120 - just after i fired the colored symbol appeared and i saw its a friend. Said sorry - got a fck u in return and penalty points. SRS is most of the times not populated.
  3. Just set it to manual and it wont bother you anymore. Settings - Mixed Reality - Headsetdisplay - Switching of Input? - Manual Switching...?
  4. It has sensors for tilt and other movements, so tecnically you can. But i would strongly recomment at least one base station to have a fixed point for reference.
  5. If you can get a T16000m for 10Eur used - right now. I'd say it's fairly cheap. T16000 FCS hotas are 130Eur Obo - so 120Eur or less should be no problem. Saves you 20-40Eur.
  6. http://www.mvps.org/directx/articles/fps_versus_frame_time.htm
  7. Stuff like track IR and Flight Sticks are fairly cheap second hand. That's where I'd save some buck which I'd try to invest in better PC Hardware.
  8. Please read the difference of frametimes and frames per seconds. But as stated in other threads nvidia improved their VR experience with 460.79 a lot.
  9. I haven't experienced any of those problems with the 3080 I had. I just experienced the studdering in VR with drivers that were gone with 460.79.
  10. The lack of Vram is only a issue when you play a big mission and swap the airframe you fly a lot. There is a whole thread to that topic.
  11. Thats what people say who havent tried different settings. You shouldnt go with DCS SS below 1.0. But the SS of DCS is sharper than Steam SS...but is heavier on your hardware. With my Odyssey i went for Steam SS 150% and DCS SS 1.5 which gave me a very good clarity. I could read read all gauges in the cockpit from my normal seated position. The 80% SS on Steam is just for the G2. With the G2 not 100% is the native resolution but 50%. So the 80% would be the 150% on the Odyssey. If that makes sense? Try for yourself and find settings that suit you and your masc
  12. @Habu_69 No. There are some issues with AMD RX6000 and WMR. But there are easy work arounds and the AMD´s are way faster (in DCS!). If you play a lot of other games, the RTX might be the better choice. But again it depends on usercase. My current settings for MP: SteamVR non Beta WMR for SteamVR Beta Steam SS 80% (for HP G2) DCS 1.2 with no MSAA Steam motion smoothing to Auto I get pretty much all of the time 45fps with reprojection on busy servers. DCS Supersampling to 1.2 increases the sharpness a lot and since i set it t
  13. JayRoc

    Force DirectX 11?

    It makes a huge difference for AMD 6000 cards with WMR Headsets in VR.
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