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  1. Found your problem - start up not according to manual but pure chaos. 1. You never use lights on CV, specially landing light! 2. It's recommended to start right engine first. 3.!!!! You can't do aligment with breaks set to OFF. It has to be on PARK. Besides from aligment it would be stupid to release breaks before rediness to taxi. I really recommend RTFM, I can't tell if you missed anything else, pilot's body is obscuring half of switches.
  2. If you get MC read info on the left DDI (most cases) 2 bottom lines. It always says you what's wrong.
  3. Well, you said you set the 10X TACAN on tanker, but you didn't set TACAN to A/A mode.
  4. It's 100%software or user error. Don't use TARGET if you don't have to.
  5. Tanker activates left basket first. Right only when left is occupied. There is a bug in SP that makes tanker drag both baskets all the time. Try on MP - tanker will extend basket only on "Ready pre-contact" and it will always be left first.
  6. Are you using TARGET software or bind controls directly? You can make MFCD SOI simply clicking second time the bottom OSB of already selected page.
  7. It's emergensy countermesures dispencer to drop all flares before emergency landing. It's located on central console over Dispencer mode switch.
  8. Here's your solution https://deltasimelectronics.com/products/thumbstick-slew-sensor-adapter
  9. You can invert axis in binding options.
  10. 37,000 https://themysteriousworld.com/10-highest-flying-birds-in-the-world/
  11. No, it has not. It's to new. Like a F-16, F-14 or Syria. And probably won't get 50% soon. And don't listen to jackdaw, it's great, has some issues (as EVERY module), it's still in development, frequent updates, level of complication close to A-10C, but it's multirole and carrier operted. Oh, when you buy Hornet, after your purchase buy Supercarrier. It will be cheaper with Hornet in your library and carrier operations are whole different way of flying.
  12. You can't save any custom config of the plane or HUD, or HMCS. Adapt to new. Or change it on every flight.
  13. As you can imagine, if the HOT is in mid burn it has some lower limit sa the flare burns stright to the ground. so probably ~3000 ft is minimal value to not burn on the ground. I don't know if it's as IRL or not.
  14. TACAN and HSI on your pictures are showin correctly, I don't understand what's your problem.
  15. It's not that "antenna drops", it's a cone, and the altitudes range are shown in place of a cursor, so if you change radar range, and cursor stays in this same place on screen it now shows altitude rand in differen range from plane. On picture #1 cursor shows alt range at ~60 nm, on #2 it shows alt range at ~27 nm, so it's more narrow. Targets flying in level flight just flew out of radar cone.
  16. No, radar antenna is ground stabilized and you have indication of its level on radar screen. It is very usefull. 1. For ground attacks and avoiding SAMs 2. When in flight one of flight members is jamming.
  17. 1. You can't turn on "hi" wigh to much spped, the tire will slide sideways, you have to be very slow and AFAIR NATOPS says that turns should be done on engines on idle. 2. You have to contact ground crew on comms menu and ask for a launch.
  18. If you could just RTFM. Page 557 Height Over Target (HOT). This setting allows you to enter the altitude in feet that the flare will be at when at its mid-burn point.
  19. 1. Your targets are at 60-50 nm, and you have radar set for 40 nm, so you have limited SA and possibilities. 2. Targets are climbing from angels 2, and you loose them, when they're at Angels 20, because your radar is set forward and like it's shown on the cursor maximum altitud on 40 nm is Angels 18. Solution: Switch radar to 80 nm, when trgets are closer to 40 Move your radar antenna verticalu to keep tracking targets or switch it to auto.
  20. Regarding your questions - all of above TGP of A-10C has A-A mode in which you can find and track planes and slave Sidewinder to TGP. Sidewinder can "find" target by itself - you can boresight the tracking head of the missile or uncage it and it will scan the sky in front of the plane. So you can get a lock even when you can't see the target.
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