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  1. You can see it in the middle oh HSI - Ground speed and True speed.
  2. Leaves you in the dark? What about all other inside illumination of instruments?
  3. Sound upgrade was 2-3 months ago, you can search it in patch notes.
  4. 1. If you're not using any kind of headtracking it may be hard to see whole HUD. 2. HMCS is off on hot start, you have to turn it on - switch is in the back of right console 3. Sounds fine for me, maybe you're used to hearing the GAU from videos recorded on the outside, not inside.
  5. I'm not sure if it's a TV problem or DCS problem, but I'd guess tle latter. Below you can see 3 TacView files from this same mission, this same position. First part is from my local TV, second is server file, third is my friend's local file. This same missile is highlighted. 1. It falls short of target 2. It's tracking completly different target 3. It hits correct target. The main question is - if differences occur only on TacView, or if that differences happend in-game and me and my friend would watch that missile on F6 view, would see d
  6. I don't have VR, so only flat screen. And the problem apears on Caucasus map (didn't check other maps)
  7. First part - correct - TRK files save just inputs of the player and simulates all behavior, so one error in saving inputs will change behavior of the plane on whole flight. Second part - not correct - TacView saves all telemetric data and all objects (planes, missiles, bombs) behavior is saved 1-1 and are much smaller then TRK - this same mission in TRK is 265 MB, while in TV 42,2 MB. Yes, TV misses some data about cockpit interactions, but IMO ED should merge these two systems and save telemetric data for objects behavious and cockpit interactions for the rest.
  8. No, you can't reset. When laser is burned it's out of order for good. You have to land remove TGP and load a new one.
  9. Usually on left DDI you'll have message about the cause. Probably it will be unlocked wings or flaps (or trim) not set up for take off.
  10. If only there was some kind of... manual...
  11. No. There is a limit of total burn time, I just can't remember how long it was.
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