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  1. This alert shows every damn time when you fly at 20k ft. Regardless of tanks. @RoxSy just set in ME main tank at 50%, when you start mission fuel from drop tank will be transfered to main tank.
  2. Someone wrote that it's probably connected with language selected in game. AFAIR someone in german couldn't find that option, and when he switched to english it was there.
  3. There never is "too many radios" https://taskandpurpose.com/news/air-force-a-10-warthog-afghanistan/
  4. I just exprienced it myself, and thanks to this thread I even predicted it During flight (multiple attacks on an airfield) I noticed at some point, that plane is starting to fly nose down, regardless of speed, and I have to trim her "nose up" to stay level. I thought that during landing it will sky rocket and it did. So most definitly the issue is connected with trimming in-flight.
  5. Switch it on when you get INLET ICE warning.
  6. The undesignate function works a bit wierd. In my exprience you need to undesignate with sensor you used to designate as SOI. For example - designate target with TGP, change SOI to SA page - you can't undesignate. Move SOI to TGP and it works fine.
  7. Works with no issues for me. Verify you key bindings, especially NWS/Undesignate, maybe you have it binded somewhere, you have pressed all the time.
  8. Like in this post 9 years ago it supposed to be "fixed within the testing build". What about now? It still doesn't work.
  9. LOL, so why did you post it in "Wish list" section?
  10. AFAIK there is no such possibility IRL, and deffinitly no such function in DCS.
  11. Values show you radar cone borders at pointed range - at your picture it would be 45-50 nm. Tah means that if you draw a radar cone from your aircraft, at that distance its lower end would be drawn below ground level. Of course radar does not scan below ground and radar signal just hits ground from some distance.
  12. Are we talking about "GPS restricted environment" or "historical scenarios"? If latter - most of these weapons wasn't in service yet. Including A-10C itself, which was introduced in 2005. There was no TGP, JDAMs, no CBU WCMD....
  13. I can't believe it! It's really true! Oh, what a wonderful day... After all these years...
  14. Because it's DCS, not real life. It "always" worked like that.
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