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  1. Decided to follow your suggestion and used double sided tape. Now I can handle it easily, using one hand for the mount and the other one to hold the stick. I no longer feel I need a third hand to hold on to the Black Box
  2. It would be nice to have a place where you can mount the an additional mounting plate for the BlackBox. Maybe something like this: or this: Thinking about some more: First solution, but placed at the top of the mount with cable between stick and BlackBox on top looks very nice from a cable management point of view.
  3. Thanks. It's working now. I had the "flashing red LED" problem. Turns out this also happens when you have the KG12 profile loaded while the Warthog grip is installed. Loading the Warthog profile fixed the problem. It sure works pretty nice too. Looks must be deceiving in my pictures as I actually have it center mounted.
  4. Here she is: Stick feels really nice. Buttons on grip not working at the moment. Do I need to run some setup tool for that ?
  5. Mine has arrived today as well. Cook, eat, dishes, exercise, shower and tinker :) Pictures to come later this evening.
  6. Last night I got an email from the postal services that my package should ship soon. I already have the tracking code and all that needs to happen now is to hand over the package to postal services. I guess that will happen tomorrow when the post office is open fur business again. Package should be offered Tuesday. I just hope the postman runs a bit late so I am home from work so I can sign for it. Christmas time is almost here :)
  7. I asked the same question as my desk has a bar under it at about 8cm from the front. Mount fits fine on my desk and there's about two fingers between the pressure pad of the clamp and the front of the bar. I got this reply from meisterolsen:
  8. Saw on Reddit that shipping to EU customers has indeed started. One guy ordered his on June the 14th and has received a shipping notification. I ordered mine on May the 23d, just several hours after preorders opened. I did not get a shipping notification however. A bit disappointed now, as I could have received mine today. I now have the problem that the Monster Tech mount keeps throwing a "%SYSTEM-E-DEVICE, problem between grip and mount" error message at me ;)
  9. Mine just landed. Time to unpack and assemble! EDIT: %SYSTEM-E-DEVICE, problem between grip and mount
  10. That is kinda bummer. It would be nice to have an idea if it's worth to buy the normal version first and the metal replica later. If the metal replica is two years out my answer would be yes. If it were to be 6 months my answer would be hell no.
  11. Of course I'll post some pictures as soon as both have arrived at my home.
  12. Will VKB announce a decision on the possible all metal version of the MCG before normal MCG goes on sale?
  13. Received shipping confirmation for my table mount with VKB Gunfighter mounting plate last night. Soon my wait will be over :)
  14. Shipment for EUR customers delayed again. Shipping will now happen from June the 23d through the 26th: https://flightsimcontrols.com/2017/06/gunfighter-orders-shipping-on-june-23-26/
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