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  1. Not sure if it will help any, but with DCS open try unplugging and then replugging all your controllers from the USB ports. Had a similar issue when introducing some pedals into my controls - in that my stick was dropped. Some of the bindings were missing, others not recognised. Rebooting didn't help, but unplug/replug fixed it.
  2. To be honest, if affected by the nose wheel position - offset to the right - wouldn't/shouldn't the nose pull to the right (shorter turning moment?).
  3. Could be - but I then would expect maximum turn rate to be exaggerated at the higher speed - and not the lower? Unless of course the opposite applies, and the higher speed helps keep it more stable.
  4. No problems! Fairly certain I had no loadout. Basically set a mission up from Tonopah, hot start from runway, pushed throttle fwd to get a decent taxi speed (less than 50), cut throttle, waitied a few seconds then pressed 'W'. Had around a 5 degree yaw to the left - it being exaggerated towards the end of the brake.
  5. ? Explain please ? Just don't understand why so many peeps have issues over a persons desire for an alternative auto start that fits their needs? If it makes things more accessible and spreads the user base then why not - as a previous person mentioned you don't have to use it?
  6. That'll be why I didn't use my pedals to brake and just pressed on 'W' - and still veered off...
  7. Apologies if resurrecting something old - seen a few posts regarding the F16 but not the A10C2. Noticed last night on landing I veered to the left as I applied wheels brakes. Not noticed it before as my landings are 'dicey'!!! Thought it may have been 'me' so checked pedal bindings etc - all good. Just lined up quickly on a runway, applied power to get rolling, reduced power and hit 'W' (to eliminate any possible issue with my pedals), and yep - veered to the left. Straightened up, rolling, brakes - to the left, one more time - same. Wind at 0 m/s so shouldn't be any w
  8. Also found another reference to the slideshow in the power settings - not sure if it would make any difference but now set to 'Paused':
  9. With all due respect - because it is a 'game'...a realistic one but....! Understand some wish for the sense of realism - but far too many serious people commenting and jumping down the throat of someone who wishes for an easier life.... Gonna bin starting in the air as well?
  10. Where did you get your magvar from? Currently operating out of Kobuleti and havn't had any problems with setting 70o and lining up. Try either only using TACAN or ILS separately to see what each does independent of the other. As far as I know TACAN gives you a range and bearing to aim for, whereas ILS should (if it is working) give you a beam to drive down. So for instance you can go point to point between TACANs, and it doesn't matter from what angle/height you approach the transmitters, whereas for ILS you need to be within range and pointed roughly in the right d
  11. Glad to be of help @Toad McFrog! After a bit more research and digging I have noticed that the Dragon Center overclocks your graphics card (assuming you have MSI GPU?) and also gives the option of 'Ultimate' power settings which it had defaulted to over the stock 'High' settings. Also have a feeling it overclocks the CPU as it also installs a Ryzen SDK - but couldn't see any noticeable differences. The biggest difference on High/Ultimate appears to be that it defaults your minimum and maximum processor power to 100%. As a test completely wiped my drives - re-installed Windows and DCS (extreme
  12. Also noticed the UHF panel - despite being able to set pre-sets - will flick from 'pre-set' to 'man' when transmitting - and remain there - so if you don't notice it and roll the wheel you don't actually change the frequency. Not sure of this is how it is supposed to work? Is the idea you would set 'pre', dial in and load all your frequencies, then to operate select 'pre', dial up a pre-set then reselect to 'man', then if you wished to re-select a different pre-set change back to 'pre', dial it up, then flick back to 'man' to use?
  13. I think they are auto downloaded once 'validated' by Steam, but not 100%. Have always kept clear of Steam for DCS as I think the DCS standalone offers better value during its sales etc. Re - your trim - don't forget to also set up/map a trim null/centralise, as an easy way to re-centre it. Another tip is to drop ordnance of opposite wings - mission dependent of course. Try setting up a free flight mission with a couple of tanks as targets - and go out heavy - then use - say - all the mavericks off one station to see how it affects trim.
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