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  1. Newbie here. We are trying to build our first panel for the A10c. Prior to this we had played with a micro switch to arm and disarm the ejection seat with no issues. Now that is not working and we cannot get any of the switch for the electrical panel we are building to work. Seems to jave stopped working when the new version of helios came out but not certain of this. I have read the DCS Bios manual and I am using the code snipets from the console. Everything shows green and connected. Not sire what is wrong or where to look now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ohhhh. I will check on that as soon as I get to the house. Someone also sent me a link to github about this issue that I will check tonight. Thank you for all the help.
  3. That would make sense, but both show to be 1920x1080 even in the display settings.
  4. Yes. I even went back and removed the old version from the config file and removed OGMEV from the computer thinking it might be causing the issue but nothing changed.
  5. I tried the “b” version and it is the exact same size and location and wont show the mfcds.
  6. Okay, I download the new Helios 1.6 and the new Capt. Zeen A10c Profiles. Watched the videos and set everything up and had all green on the dashboard. When I stared DCS I picked my resolution of 1920x2160 since I have two monitors one above the other and selected Helios as the profile. The system started fine and all the MFCD's and clocks were in the correct place on the lower monitor, but the profile from Helios is small and half on the top monitor and half on the bottom. Not sure where I went wrong. Can anyone help. Okay, I went back into Helios editor and found the issue, (See secon
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