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  1. In the case where the wind 'to' direction is less than 180, windDir would indeed be negative. However, it is corrected directly after by adding 360 degrees if windDir is less than 0: if windDir < 0 then wing_direction:set(360+windDir) else wing_direction:set(windDir) end In retrospect it looks like there's a bit of a typo there... Slightly Off-topic aside/edit: looking at this bit of code, it seems like that the use of atan2 implies that the in-game X axis runs North/South and the in-game Y axis goes East/West, unless I'm reading something wrong. Interesting...
  2. Awesome mod here! Have had ton a fun cruising around in the T-45! On tiny thing I noticed- wind direction on the HSI is in the direction the wind is going, not the direction the wind is coming from, which seems like what would be displayed on that screen. For a quick work around, I replaced line 141 in Cockpit/Scripts/Displays/DisplayElectronicsUnit.lua with this: local windDir = math.deg(math.atan2(WIND_Y:get(),WIND_X:get())) - 180 It works great after that edit
  3. Based on what I've seen so far, this doesn't seem like it's the case. Seems like some kind of regression that is specific to virtualized environments on the DCS side.
  4. Just to add to this, I'm having the issue, but not with Shadow PC. In my case it's a QEMU VM. The thread linked before has a stack trace/call stack from where I _think_ the issue was occuring. Might help the devs track things down Give that a try. It should be the metashaders2 and fxo directories in %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS that you delete. That will force a shader recompile.
  5. Looking at your logs, it seems your install gets farther than mine does, so I doubt we have the same problem. Out of curiosity, have you deleted your metashaders and fxo folders from your DCS saved games directory? Edit: Well i'm dumb. Posted in the wrong thread. Feel free to delete this, mods
  6. After doing some digging, it seems like kernel32.dll:FatalExit()is being called, which may be suppressing/bypassing DCS's normal error handing/crash reporting routines. Regardless, the execution appears to terminate without executing DCS's crash handler. The stack seems to be a bit corrupted at the time of the FatalExit call, but I was able to pull this call stack out: Address To From Siz Comment
  7. Thanks for the follow up, but I think we've got a different problem. I think this fix is related to issues with authorization failing. Our installs don't even get to the point where they check authorization. I did try this, and it had no effect.
  8. I'm affected by the same issue. I have an AMD 3950X, with a 2080Ti and Asus 570x prime motherboard. It fails with or without a fresh Saved Games folder, as well as before and after a repair or reinstall. I've tested both. Having talked to someone else with the issue I can add the following info: It affects both the steam and standalone versions It affects both Intel and AMD chips (the other person had a Xeon) There are no windows system logs placed other than a generic (and totally unhelpful) "Application Hang" event in event viewer. Having looked at a few other peopl
  9. I think what Caput_58 is talking about is a little bit different... he's asking why point track fails when a target is visible to the CCD/IR sensor but the laser is mask, and I think he has a legitimate point here. If Point Track is indeed based on a contrast lock withiin the sensor (as you'd do with the laser off) then it makes no sense for point track to fail when the laser is masked but the sensor can still see the target. I suspect this has to do with how the a10 handles point track. Based on what I've seen, it snaps to a nearby DCS unit if the conditions are right, thus mimicking a tru
  10. As has been already documented in the forums, there currently is an issue where navigating the loadout editor menus will cause stutters in game. I've looked at the lua files and found a temporary workaround that solves the issue. It seems that whenever the menus are changed, the image previews for each weapon are reloaded from disk synchronously, which causes things to lag. As of the current open beta version, commenting out line 746 of Scripts\UI\MissionResourcesDialog.lua fixes the lag at the cost of having no weapon preview images in the menu. It should look more or less like this (the edit
  11. Try setting the TGP track mode on the HCMS section of the STATS MFCD page (right MFCD) to AREA. This means that when you press DMS Right Long it will drop to Area Track instead of Inertial Track.
  12. So technically it’s adjustable... just pull on the rings above the seat and between your legs... :smilewink: As a bonus you get much improved ventilation too!!! :lol:
  13. One viewpoint is for VR and the other is for 2D from what I can tell.
  14. Regarding my last post- I think the gun boresight marker being blocked is just a matter of the hud clipping area not being big enough, not head position.
  15. Another two things I've noted that are definitely issues with the current head orientation: The gun boresight circle (dotted circle with point in the middle) is clipped in the current HUD plane. Can't see it regardless of where my head is... Also, in its current state the default view blocks the CICU sctrachpad (ability to type numbers into the UFC). Without TrackIR and/or changing the position, there isn't a way to view what's currently in the scratchpad on the HUD because the HUD camera is blocking it.
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