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  1. That's a good suggestion, thanks! Should help with troubleshooting, Will report back and hopefully help someone else as well.
  2. Hi Boltz, Thanks for your response. I still can't get it to work, but I will also troubleshoot this a bit, re-check all the wiring etc. When you do get around to trying it, please let me know how it goes. Yes, there are other ways, but for now I am determined to figure out (with lots of help) why this isn't working right now.
  3. Thanks for this suggestion. It certainly is plan B, perhaps just easier to go with that. Would still be great to solve this, it's driving me nuts!
  4. Hi all, I am trying to combine multiple CDU buttons for the A-10C to function off a single pin. I have connected 220ohm resistors between each button as voltage dividers, so my plan is to use the analog values that register with each button press to register each button on the CDU. The single button example below compiles in Arduino IDE (this is button2 in a series of 3 buttons connected to pin A0), but doesn't work in DCS. I know this is probably not correct, but I don't know how to fix it. I will try to fiddle around in the meantime, but would appreciate any input! Thanks! voi
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, will order and give it a go! This cockpit building thing is a dark, deep rabbit hole!
  6. Out of desperation and frustration pehaps I can use 2 boards - an Arduino mega and Uno for example, and simply do one button one pin? I wanted to keep cost down by combining cdu and aap on one biard.
  7. Brilliant! Thank you. I found this Arduino Sketch that communicates with LEDs, now I need help on how to communicate the button presses/ switch toggle with DCS. For a simple 2 position switch I would use, for example: DcsBios::Switch2Pos ahcpCicu("AHCP_CICU", PIN); But how do I incorporate this into an if loop (I am assuming this will be the best solution), I don't know what say instead of the pin number? void loop() { buttonValue = analogRead(A0); //Read analog value from A0 pin //For 1st button: if (buttonValue>=1010 && buttonValue<=1015){ digitalWrit
  8. Hi guys, New to the world of home cockpit building. I have no electronics/programming experience. I can manage to build and code simple one button one pin set-ups, but I have no idea how to write the code to enable me to use multiple buttons on one Arduino Uno analog pin (Not a fan of matrix designs). Again, I can build it, I just can't find the code I need. It is simple enough to find an Arduino Sketch that differentiates between different switches on one analog pin, but I don't know how to incorporate this into DCS-BIOS. I would appreciate any help!!
  9. Issue resolved. DCS A10-c CDU profile for anyone interested, attached A10C CDU.zip
  10. I run the Steam version, when I have issues like cashing, I run a file integrity check in the DCS settings on Steam. Maybe this will be useful to someone.
  11. Hi All, New guy here. I've seen a number of threads discussing Helios profiles that don't work in DCS, but after many very late nights (or early mornings), I can't figure it out. I am trying to run my A10C CDU profile on a third screen. I've managed to export the CDU display and the profile runs, but I can't get the buttons to communicate with DCS (and vice versa). I don't know if my bindings are wrong, or if I am missing a file somewhere/stored it in the wrong folder. :helpsmilie: So I have attached my CDU Helios profile (Zip folder), if anyone can have a quick look to check if it
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