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  1. Tpods are used in 95% of US Harrier operations.
  2. Got it thanks. Default Save Game was set to openbeta.
  3. Harrier over PG LHA works great thank you! Hornet over PG getting an error at the end of mission.
  4. Think you have to seperate the Stennis and Tarawa to their own fleets on your Over PG campaigns. I'm constantly seeing the Stennis turn into the Tarawa, causing your campaign to fail. I have several Tacviews that show it happening.
  5. Sounds awesome. Anyone know how to stop the tennis and tarawa from colliding?
  6. Harrier over PG campaign needs some love... Seems the Stennis likes to collide with other ships in its fleet ending your campaign. Why load tanks full of fuel for a 20min mission, you end up dumping every single mission, its unrealistic. Always 2 fights of 2, even when attacking 2 targets. Other than that it's decent fun.
  7. There's 2 "compressors" in the Pegasus engine: A Low Pressure High Bypass fan that you see in the intake, and a High Pressure compressor that is further inside the engine. They have separate axles and rotate at different RPM's. The switch just changes which compressor you want to see the RPM of. It's only real use that I know of is troubleshooting. Low is normally used.
  8. Mine are also working properly. As an alternate for the time being, you can click LMB hold and drag to adjust and see if it stops at max.
  9. The "buzzsaw" sound you're referring to has to do with the Inlet Guide Vanes opening and changing airflow into the HP compressor. Can hear it on this video I made many years ago. Do note. with a helmet on, this sound would be drastically reduced.
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