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  1. That is an excellent program. So is Battle 360 by the same production team.
  2. My Top Gun Afterburner II Force Feedback is perfect for this sim. It is great in Flaming Cliffs to use the three buttons on the throttle with my thumb to adjust trim up/neutral/down.
  3. Congrats to our European friends for their win! The former CEO was in a scandal that may have cost Boeing $40 Billion! I am not proud of the actions of those involved. Competition is needed more in this type of purchase and it brings quality and value up in the future! It is too often that you hear about contracts being "overpriced and under delivered" which is a shame IMO.
  4. Excellent! Thank you for the videos and the interesting information. I am proud that our nations can work together. Keep up the good work. I hope to fly online someday with you in the Black Shark!
  5. Is it true that India is also purchasing the MiG-35 in large numbers?
  6. The pilot did a great job saving the jet! I was very happy to see the a320 get in the air again!
  7. Oh yes that show is a true classic. At least the pilot tv movie and the first season. Great action/adventure with a dark cold war feel. I have a mod for ARMA to fly this. It is such a fun fantasy chopper in the sim with the infantry and tanks to battle and about 60 missles on board the Airwolf in the sim.
  8. That is so cool Sundowner! I am sure the rest are also brilliant as is Hind Dance.
  9. Hey Boberro I see you are a friend from Poland. This is one of my favorite youtube videos as well. By the way I have read there are about 6 of these beauties in Iraq flying missions. That is great as they are super pilots! I wonder if the Apaches and Hinds work together often.
  10. Share them if you have them guys, here are mine, enjoy!
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