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  1. Regarding Yamato ... and let me add a disclaimer here: Not really knowing what I'm talking about, but: If you look at the lua files of Yamato and Musashi, thats bb_Yamato.lua and bb_Musashi.lua, in line 29: GT.life = 400 ... while other battleships, like Iowa or also Bismarck have there (e.g. iowa.lua, line 38): GT.life = 6000 My guess would be this are the "Life points" of the ship. The huge discrepancy could explain why Iowa always beats Yamato. @chompsky: Just for playing around, i'd replace the 400 in the bb_Yamato.lua with ...
  2. That did it! Tnx 100x
  3. Hi guys, first, thanks for this phantastic plane. Really nice, will be my trainer for learning carrier ops. A few things I'm not really clear about or which I think are not correct are obviously also there: One thing i'm currently not clear about is the shutdown procedure. With the throttle fingerlifts, you cannot get the throttle back to the "off" position once you moved it up to idle? I found one strange behavior: I cannot use TACAN any more (shows only "000" and the dials are not responding) if i place a ship on the map Tried with a Perry, a Ticonderoga and even
  4. +1 Same issue also for ATC
  5. Well, I downloaded it ... and it's missing textures, quite a lot of them. I tried the dropbox stuff, the textures were available there.
  6. I'm asking myself how this is done IRL, or phrased in other words, are there procedures where the ground crew does the boresighting? An option or comm-menu-item for boresighting would be exactly that, right? Leaving the work to the crew chief. At least I can remember of a few videos where the boresighting was done on the ground, so basically it doesn't seem impossible.
  7. Yesterday I realized these are the Marine VHF channels, wanted to know if this is implemented. After looking up the frequencies on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_VHF_radio, i placed in a mission a radio transmission on 156.8 MHz in FM. And - as it should be - the Hornet listening on S 16 - which is international distress, safety and calling frequency - can receive perfectly that transmission. Don't know if the Duplex-channels are implemented, but this can add pretty cool to immersion when a mission implements a ship calling Mayday on the correct frequency :) Tn
  8. Hm ... just looked at some Moose documentation - meaning, you have to get to scripting, of course So, without having tried: In PRINCIPLE, its possible to get the list of (unoccupied) parking slots on an airfield, which also contains the according coordinates. You can also spawn statics. So in principle, you can take the parking slots and spawn in some statics randomly on that positions, BUT: I don't have a idea, how to pass on the heading of these statics. Maybe i have to play a little with lua on the coming vacation days, that's an interesting idea
  9. Hi, I tried to create a better immersion by placing a generator or air supply device close to the plane when ground power or ground air supply is connected. Unfortunately, i did not find an event to trigger such thing. Is there any way to get notified from such a event? Of course, I'm thinking for the same for refueling and loading ammo, would be nice to see a HEMMT or ammo truck. Its kind of strange to be on the airfield, seeing nothing, totally alone, nothing in sight, but someone is telling you "refueling" and "ground power is now connected". This causes some "Hey
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