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  1. SOLVED: Referenced the axis point for the small monitor and change the y variable to the proper number indicated.
  2. Hey guys. My system has three monitors (1920x1200 on left, 1920x1080 center, and a 800x600 of the right). I do not use the left display when gaming. When I adjust the config so I get the Schval on my little 800x600 monitor on the right using the left mfcd monitor config file using the following code: _ = function(p) return p; end; name = _('Camera + LMFCD(on right side)'); Description = 'Left MFCD on the right and camera on the center' Viewports = { Center = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1080; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = 1.77; } } LEFT_MFCD = { x = 1920; y = 0; width = 800; height = 600; } UIMainView = Viewports.Center I set the resolution of the game to (1920+1920+800) 4640x1080 in the options menu in the game. What happens is this: any suggestions?
  3. Welcome to the party, Wobb. Like these guys said, understanding the trim system is very important. Make sure you got a place on your HOTAS for the trimmer switch because you will be using it after every change in attitude. Here's a good place to start when learning how the trimmer works. Let us know what time zone/country you are in and I'm sure one of us can show you the ropes. http://www.simhq.com/_air13/air_428a.html PS. Also learn about the pros and cons of the coaxial rotor system... careful how you maneuver your bird at high speeds http://www.simhq.com/_air13/air_427a.html Good luck
  4. 1. Yes. BANKS is a waypoint that will be able to reference if you select the waypoint dial on your cdu. If steepoint is selected you wont be able to see BANKS. 2. That's it, you're saying I'm up for an hour for tasking then I'm RTB
  5. Does the cdu need to be exported up front like the mfcd?
  6. Rep inbound! You explained everything very well and worked just as I hoped! Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, I've searched all over to find a straight forward way to use a usb powered monitor to display the Shkval with no success. From the suggestions I read, I need to make the resolution of my primary monitor the same resolution of my secondary monitor (being 800x600).. which isnt practical at all. Are there any suggestions and/or guides I can follow or is it really that big of a pain?
  8. The only thing keeping me from flying BS more often would have to be it's graphics. It could be me but I find the terrain to be pretty flat and lacking of trees or concealment compared to A10C. I also don't get that immersion of speed nearly as close as I do in A10. Though I'm pretty sure a graphics update is on the to-do list for the Devs and if that is so, maybe I'll be in heaven :)
  9. Sounds like something to suggest for a future patch. On a similar note, is it possible to designate which type of marker a JTAC will use to reference the target? The mission I made will not even give me a marker at all, any ideas?
  10. Hey guys, sorry if this has been answered earlier but the way I see Jtac being used is somewhat scripted, as in you need to manually enter a unit to task you when you're in the air. What I'm trying to see if possible is to check in with said Jtac, then orbit as enemies come into their view, then call you for a fire mission rather than check in then get targets, then check out. Let me know of any suggestions :)
  11. True, and I an also make a markpoint out of it too so it doesn't take me out of the fight.
  12. I notice that after making that datalink target the spi, and accidentally make another sensor make a spi, the datalink trigangle disappears. Is there any way to bring back that datalink?
  13. There is so much win in this thread it should be stickied. This app may be just as significant as a controller as trackIR or a high quality HOTAS.
  14. I'm noticing an intermittent button input failure yesterday while practicing locking targets with the MAV where after setting the SPI with the TGP, I switch to the mav (all mapped to my HOTAS), but it wont switch SOI. I proceed to try my other buttons but they all don't seem to work at all. When I end the mission, i see the A10C program freeze and I have to force close the program through task manager Right after exiting DCSW and getting back into it, I notice the joystick input going haywire and pitching and rolling in unpredictable directions. I would have to reboot my computer to solve the issue. I'm using Windows 7 Home Pro w/ the G940 and using the mapped HOTAS functions in DCSW on the 940. I'll provide more specific details once I find a pattern in the failures.
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