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  1. Octav, my friend, it is simply a matter of tweaking the divariable trunk lid hum supressors and adjusting the bias on the electronic rocker panels. Quite simple, really. 8)
  2. Now Kenan, let's get serious about this. I know what it is. It's EMP, electromagnetic pulse. They beam a strong electromagnetic pulse at the aircraft. Messes up all of the control systems and insturments. Doesn't even show as a weapons hit in the debriefing. I've come up with a solution, however. I always fly with the plasma generator turned on. If they can't see you they can't beam you. :!:
  3. I hope that you get some well-deserved rest and that you have time to enjoy being with your families. See you next year. :arrow:
  4. No te preocupes de tales cositas porque todo es de nada... :wink:
  5. Thank you, DarkStar. :wink: You have a good sense of humor, GOYA_551st. :D
  6. A few things which may help offline. I don't know if they will work online. 1) Labels can be modified. Here is a brief tutorial, author unknown. "LABELS FORMAT: I play on a flat panel monitor and can only reach 1280x768. So I am a weanie that tends to use labels particularly for A/G. One of the problems is that the 3 lines of text tend to overlap multiple ground objects. You can change this in the \config\view\labels lua by eliminating what you don't think you need: Before = LabelFormat = "%N%n%D%n%p" After = LabelFormat = "%N%n" The difference here is that there is only
  7. When will the leaves fall off the trees? When will the first snowfall come? We do not know exactly when these things will happen each year but we do know that they will happen. That is the important thing. "Flaming Cliffs" will happen. In the meantime, we can fully enjoy what we already have and savor the anticipation of things to come. This is really the only way live a contented life anyway, isn't it? :idea:
  8. It's always nice to see 'ya around, Stormin. Why heck, I've known 'ya since we both still had hair on our heads. :D
  9. I, for one, don't see anything "wrong" with your poll, MonkeyIsland. It's certainly not hurting anyone. Poll on :!:
  10. C'mon now, Stormin. Don't hold back. Tell us what you REALLY think. :wink:
  11. If SP2 is the cause, you could try going back to SP1. If you have a restore point for SP1 you should be able to do it. I never installed SP2 and so far have not had any problems. Good luck!
  12. Sorry, VMF-Blaze. Just having some fun. :D Kenan is quite right. "Two weeks." Just couldn't resist. :twisted:
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