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  1. o arco-iris deveria estar presente nas transições de chuvas e sol. The rainbow should be present in the transitions of rain and sun.
  2. Drone high power in raindrop... A high-performance drone, like a drop with all the motoring under neath the surface protective plate and which can flatten like the F35, shoots X through the wings and front and brings, impossible to engage in the visual, pass close to position itself then is shot right from the side. Retractable weapons, air-adaptive fuselage, which can inflate suddenly to adpite the best air line. Could that be possible?
  3. o arco-iris deveria estar presente nas transições de chuvas e sol. The rainbow should be present in the transitions of rain and sun.
  4. * Climatic conditions, clouds when covered and storms do not cover the entire territory, they are only in parts of the territory and can move quickly to other locations on the map; * aircraft release parachute troops in combat regions; * aircraft drop with parachute supplies in combat as well as vehicles; * helecopteros of war charges and armaments; * more...more...more...
  5. For aircraft wings, adjust radio frequency and alert rescue command.
  6. In my understanding, just one profile picture and one from the front, adjusting the size of the head on the chart by measurements in centimeters or millimeters so that the user can have the exact proportion of his image in the simulator, it would be very show..Thank you, tank you, thanks for your answers. Need more... I hope since 2007 for a real simulator like the DCS A10C and its aircraft, they emerged, and how I waited... A.I. artificial intelligence already works with facial modeling and recognition
  7. *More* Put the radio menu option of "I authorize leadership to the Wing" and pass the lead to the wing if you have trouble continuing the mission. Continuing to think and plan new improvements, I love it... I would like to have the permission to use Flaming Cliffs 2 and DCS Warthog 2011 to make videos, but I was told that there are many people doing this and do not need me. Don't have the original key Eagle Dynamics, Eagles dynamics should offer its old products freely to sharpen users' willingness to purchase new enhanced development products. Enter in the radio menu the option o
  8. More... * Enter the radio menu to ask the winger how many weapons
  9. Dynamic sample campaign: https://www.youtube.com/embed/zxRgfBXn6Mg
  10. I have some ideas, and I would like to share, Development of DCS World. * Car headlights light up at night, * Trees break with bombs and aircraft impacts, * Warheads with destructive power according to the number of explosives and warhead sizes, * size of explosions according to the size of the warhead * Bombs leave craters on the ground differently depending on the size of the warhead, * Destroyed tracks have a hole in the asphalt and hole in the ground. * Land vehicles are destroyed in different ways by projectiles 30 mm, bombs of fragments, b
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