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  1. you can move the target diamond manually. Place it a little bit in front of the truck and auto bombing is working
  2. very interesting video. You have access to the script? We are waiting a long time for it.
  3. buur


    bda shows up on a critical dammage. Unit is burning but not exploded. The kill message comes when the unit explode
  4. SRS hat einen Echochannel. Also dein gesprochenes Wort wird wider zurückgesendet. Standardmäßig sind das 247.2 und 120.3 MHz. Jetzt kannst du schaun ob die auch bei dcs-oline.de eingestellt sind. Ich hab den Server jetzt nicht gefunden, sonst hätte ich es getestet. Alternativ kannst du den Server bei dir auf dem Rechner starten und dich als localhost verbinden (, dir einen Flieger hinstellen und dann ausgiebig deine SRS-Einstellungen testen. Der Server ist beim normalen SRS Download dabei und nennt sich ganz trivial SRS-server.exe
  5. It's changeable under A-4E-C\Cockpit\Textures\lookatthisphotograph.png
  6. switched from mission to flight plan?
  7. Mal funktioniert das, mal nicht .... Das ändert sich alle zwei Wochen.
  8. Maybe you can extend your table with the total amount of fired ante-air weapons. It make it easier to the mission designers. By the way, I like your work. Keep on.
  9. Where is the time machine when you need it? Please shift me halve a year in front.
  10. But I'm so curious of the mechanisms behind. For example the weather, how do they solve this? With witch factors are they calculating? Maybe the one or the other programmer can give himself a jerk and tell us some insights. I think a lot of people are interested in the work behind the scene.
  11. The interviews are a very good idea. I hope the programmers have the heart to do this.
  12. You switch on or off de-ice? (Under the warning panel) I have sometimes the problem that de-ice occur this problem. Try to switch off. Edit: (Forgot the important point)
  13. hm, also fly after update and for me trim is working well.
  14. @Bailey Thanks for the satisfying answer. best regards buur
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