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  1. Your welcome. If anyone happens to see the same glitchy result on some downloaded user livery, just add or replace the following lines on the description.lua file: {"pilot_F18_helmet", 0 ,"pilot_F18_helmet",true}; {"pilot_F18_helmet", 1 ,"pilot_F18_helmet_nm",true}; {"pilot_F18_helmet",13 ,"pilot_F18_helmet_roughmet",true}; This will "force" the rendering of the default helmet textures inside the (...)\CoreMods\aircraft\FA-18C\Textures\FA-18C.zip file which will correctly display the default gray helmet.
  2. This mod corrects the pilots helmet textures on some of the F/A-18C Lot 20 Hornet liveries, by Eagle Dynamics, which show weird results as they refer to a different helmet texture mapping (most probably an early one). DOWNLOAD Enjoy your all your Hornet liveries with corrected helmet textures. Merry Christmas and stay safe.
  3. You got it spot on man!! The time I spent scratching my head about this... You are boss!! Thanks a lot. :thumbup:
  4. This is what I wanted to do. A livery with a preset helmet without the target acquisition visor. But if we look closer there is a "shadow" in the forehead area of the helmet where the default visor used to be. That can be seen very clearly in the ambient occlusion option of the viewer (AO). Since the AO is created by the texture pilot_f18_helmet_roughmet.dds, I removed that shadow from its red channel, removed it from the alpha channel, and still, that shadow is rendered, and I don't know where it is coming from. Any ideas on how can I remove this effect from the helmet? Attached are both p
  5. Yes, that is it. Somehow it was not working, maybe I was doing something wrong, most probably the description.lua was in the wrong place...
  6. I found it!... By just adding this to the description.lua custom_args = { [509] = 1.0 } and that is it... vintage helmet, -1.0 should display it without the visor...
  7. Anybody here knows how to set custom arguments in a livery? It should be set in the description.lua file but I can't get it to work on the F/A-18C... Here's an example: As per the Model Viewer, argument 509 set to 1.0 should display an 80's style pilot helmet (without the target acquisition device). How can we set this to a particular livery? I'm sure there must be a way... Thanks in advance.
  8. Wow, I should have known this first... now I completely installed the Open Beta from its remote source. And yes... my "stable" version was moved when I bought a SSD drive. I then ran the updater and everything went fine... but now I don't know what is the best and faster solution for the modules installation on the Open Beta...
  9. Thank you for your answer. That means I still have to follow the install procedure from the Open Beta modules interface? I see all my modules are there available for installation. So this installation should happen much faster, is that correct? My module downloads and updates usually take several hours do finish...
  10. Please, just a question: I'm installing the open beta... I guess I will have to install the aircraft , supercarrier, and the terrains in the open beta too. Does this mean I will have to go through the downloading process again, or is there a simpler way by coping files from the "stable" version?... Thanks.
  11. +1 F/A-18C probe light is way too bright, apart from the fact that for player/client it only works when starting from 'cold start'. For the AI's however, it works even from an air spawn, but the brightness looks indeed exaggerated. Attached testing mission (click download link below) showing how the KC-130 get all bright white from underneath when two AI Hornets are refueling. Not very realistic looking as it seems. Download AI refueling test mission
  12. The player/client probe light does work if you start on the ground in a cold and dark cockpit. In a hot start or air spawn it doesn't work. This is what is likely to be the bug.
  13. I believe that is the bug we have been talking about...
  14. Hey, nothing to be sorry about... I attached a simple refueling mission where you can see the AI probe lights. You will spawn just behind the tanker, together with 3 Hornets in right echelon. You can do your refueling if you want, while they will fly away past the tanker and turn around and come back for their turn to refuel. As they finish, they will form up with the tanker on right. I was practicing my air refueling and messing around with the mission editor at the same time, just for fun... but you will see them coming with their probe lights on lighting up that KC-130 from below.Sunset Pin
  15. ...bug that only applies to player/client aircraft, as airspawned AI's don't suffer from it.
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