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  1. Yeah ... thats will be interesting.
  2. Hello everyone, will it be possible to remove radio channels with awacs that do not work? This to make communication more comfortable and direct by pressing LAlt + Q on the Mig-21. LAlt+Q : awacs bogey dope.
  3. In the Malvinas war, the Argentines launched all their missions from the mainland and not from the aircraft carrier ARA Veinticinco de Mayo. Except for the missions of IA-58 Pucara, Aermacchi MB-339 and helicopters, that operated from the Falklands. After the attack by the submarine Conqueror, the Argentine naval fleet retreated to the waters near the continent.
  4. The Mig-21 is an interceptor fighter, its wing design is very good for many things but not for turns, it loses too much energy. The F-5 makes better turns, it's definitely much better for dogfighting, it's its strength. Look at the angle of the wings and stabilizers, obviously the F5 will perform better in turns and at low speeds, in low and medium altitudes. The delta wings must be larger to retain energy better, the delta wing of the Mig-21 has a smaller size and an angle of 57 °.
  5. Regarding the missile load of the Viggen, F5 and Mig-21: MiG-21BIS introduced in 1972, Viggen in 1971 and F-5E in 1972, each aircraft has its capabilities, advantages and disadvantages, for example the F5 is very good at dogfighting, the AJS-37 is a ground attack aircraft with a secondary task as fighter, on the contrary the Mig-21Bis is a interceptor and its wing design is not good for dogfighting, it loses a lot of energy with any sharp turn. I fly against the F-14 tomcat with my Mig-21Bis, against a plane that is superior in many aspects and with an artificial intelligence in the back seat ... And I am not complaining, I accept the challenge in a good way. One solution is to ask the developers for variants that work better as fighters, for example the JA-37 which is an interceptor and can carry a greater variety of air to air weapons. Reducing the number of missiles on a plane like the Mig-21Bis doesn't make any sense to me!.
  6. NO!, Remember that not all of us speak English perfectly and it is difficult for us to communicate with SRS.
  7. Oh ok I understand, it was very exciting, I was able to shoot down an F-15 and a Harrier, I also damaged two F-14s, all with the Mig-21. It felt like I was on an Ace Combat mission haha.
  8. The Allied Assault mission is definitely an success 8/10 . However, it was difficult to take off from Rota, there was almost always an F-15 flying over the base and it would shoot me down in a few minutes, it happened to me about 3 times. will it be possible to take this mission to the Caucasus map?.
  9. I'm sorry, it won't be repeated. I'll explain why I made that mistake: The Awacs guided me straight to your position. I used the IFF, but my radar screen only showed a giant blob of interference, the IFF of my Mig-21 did not give me an answer, which is why I mistakenly thought it was an F-14 or an A-10. Moments earlier there had been talk of an A-10 and an F-14 on a lake, attacking the Red Force. It was my mistake, I made a bad decision under pressure from the presence of the F-14s and the presence of countermeasures in the direction that the AWACS gave me. I don't remember using the cannon. Sorry @rossmum, I hope I have explained myself well, my English is not good.
  10. Who says there is a mission only for the Mig-21 and the F-18?
  11. F-14, F-18, Mig-29.... F-16 etc. The f-18 is very good in close combat, it can easily overcome the Mig-21 and R60 missiles, will you include something more powerful for the red side or will you let the Hornet dominate?
  12. Mig-19 Red, good flight and thank you. Apart from looking spectacular.
  13. New rumors about the F-4 Phantom and the full fidelity Mig-29A. Look at Minsky's post, DCS: Roadmap
  14. P-51, P-47 blue and Fw-190A8 Red, to replace this beauty...but it would turn into a WWII battle.
  15. This is the best server!. Over time, more cold war planes will arrive and the experience will improve much more. Mig-17 Mirage III Mirage F1 F-8 Crusader G-91 Mig-29A (clickable) Bo-105 more variety in the skies .
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