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  1. Keep up the great work!
  2. Are you assigning the A-10 to the CAS mission?
  3. You have to trick them into performing sometimes. They will follow their waypoints as long as they do not detect an enemy. Once they acquire a target they won't return to waypoints until the battle is over. You can set the visibility of enemy units at waypoints to reveal them when you want the AI to engage. In general, I decide where I want the dogfight, then I set up the units such that they end up fighting where I want them. Also, I usually add the Orbit command with a 1 hr stop condition and then add the search and engage order. This works well.
  4. Get as much VRAM as you can afford (16GB or 24GB if you can) once this crazy shortage ends and the prices come done. Your ITX case is going to limit selection.
  5. Tried resetting your global defaults in the NCP?
  6. This was more likely me flying like fuel is unlimited. I'm switching all my flights to internals only due to the severe supply shortage. It's less forgiving of sloppy energy management now.
  7. I solved this by deleting and recreating the flights. I had been changing the fuel and airspeed parameters on some old missions.
  8. Could be more fidelity was added to the model with the last update. I think there's more drag happening with fuel weight and pylons. Clean config seems okay. Needs more fight time.
  9. Has anyone noticed the AI keeping their speed brakes open all the time? Trk attached. Airbrake Bug.trk
  10. +1 Wait out this manufacturing shortage, then go for as much VRAM as you can afford. Make sure your settings are set such that your card does not use ANY Shared GPU memory. Things get choppy when windows starts copying things between Shared GPU and Dedicated GPU memory. I have 11GB on my 1080Ti, but I have to turn down the textures to get Syria running smooth. I'm sticking to PG and Caucasus until I can upgrade.
  11. Did we lose some acceleration on the Viper? It feels a bit squishy at times and AB doesn't seem to have the same push. Anyone else noticing this?
  12. What makes the 3090 attractive is 24GB of VRAM. This is the holy grail for DCS. The reason you have terrain stutters is because you don't have enough VRAM. Tweak your settings such that your 3070 NEVER uses Shared GPU memory, and you will be happy.
  13. BTW, the memory swapping issue is controlled by the Windows memory manager, not the driver or DCS according to Nvidia and the interwebs. It's just a result of the growth of flight sims. I'll be jumping to at least 16GB VRAM as soon as I can.
  14. Siege of Antioch. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Antioch Antakya is how it's called now. I spent some time flying low and slow around this area so I could get the location of the armies in my head. Loving Syria map.
  15. Sorry, I can't agree with that statement. Is anyone still running single core CPU's these days? Have you tried forcing DCS to use one core? Maybe we should start a poll to see who's running the oldest hardware. Perhaps I am misunderstanding. My point is that as long as your CPU can get you 60pfs you are fine (2d), but if you only have 2GB of VRAM you will be very unhappy with performance. Right now there is an issue with the way cards swap VRAM between Shared GPU memory and Dedicated GPU memory. If you have enough VRAM such that your card NEVER starts using Shared GPU memory, you can turn up the quality settings and fly all day long with out a single stutter. As soon as DCS starts using Shared GPU memory things get choppy. The CPU has nothing to do with this.
  16. Actually, the CPU is not as important as the amount of VRAM you have. Get as much VRAM as you can afford. The future of this sim is VRAM. The deferred shading strategy allows more meshes and larges meshes, and we can expect this will grow. If you have 32GB of RAM a simple video card upgrade with 16GB or more of VRAM should last for years. Flight sims push the envelope for hardware.
  17. No, you have great performance. I was going to suggest using the Programs tab and setting the 3D settings specifically for Black Shark DCS.exe. This way you can reset your Global defaults without impacting your game settings. The control panel should filter out the settings that don't affect DCS. Thanks for sharing your setup.
  18. What is Background Application Max Refresh Rate? Also, is that screen of yours Fixed Refresh? If so, what's the refresh rate? My monitor claims it can do 144hz, and I can get 120fps easily by turning off Terrain Shadows. It's definitely not consistent, but as long as it's above 60fps I never notice any glitches as long as I keep my VRAM below the Shared GPU threshold. Have you tried playing with Low Latency Mode? Your newer card may use this feature better than my 1080ti. I would try turning off Background Application Refresh Rate and Max Frame Rate while Testing Low Latency Mode ON and ULTRA. I noticed my card did not work as hard with ULTRA in Task Manager, but otherwise I did not see an improvement. YMMV. @Erich Alfred Hartmann Yes, there are plenty of improvements that can come to the engine with Vulcan (multiple light sources, muzzle flashes, etc.), and I think there's some shader tuning that needs to be done. I can get it running very nicely at 4k with 11GB of VRAM on my 1080Ti. I hope these hardware shortages end soon so we can all jump up to 16 GB of VRAM without breaking the bank.
  19. I get it. Tuning DCS is an art.
  20. If your monitor can do 4k, you will be limited by the amount of VRAM on your 3070 (8GB correct?). At 4k you do not need MSAA or Anisotropic filtering. Make sure you are on a displayport cable and your monitor has displayport 1.2 or 1.4 enabled. You don't need vsync with your card, so let it go as fast as it can. FXAA is a "post-processing" AA that Nvidia can add AFTER rendering for games that don't have AA. Note that I have turned off all AA in my settings. Unless you are really fussy about screenshots, FXAA does not add much, and since it's post processing you need to use Alt-Prntscrn to capture the affect. I would turn that off at 4k too. During missions you want to make sure that our card does NOT use any Shared GPU memory. Performance suffers greatly when the card starts copying shaders from Shared GPU memory to Dedicated GPU memory. You can see this in the Task Manager Performance tab when you click on your GPU. The best way to lower VRAM usage is to lower Terrain Textures to LOW and to limit the number of units in the mission such as the supercarrier group. Caucasus can easily use over 8GB of VRAM causing most cards to have issues. Persian Gulf uses more, and Syria uses over 11GB of VRAM with these settings. I have 11GB of VRAM on my 1080Ti, so I don't fly Syria unless I turn Terrain textures to LOW. I don't fly the WWII maps much. I am not concerned with having the highest FPS with these settings. These settings look the best AND are butter smooth all the time on my rig. Give them a try. YMMV.
  21. Do not forget the trusty boom operator is human in real life.
  22. VRAM is the critical component to watch. Your card has 8GB of VRAM, and depending on how much is in the Caucasus mission, you can cause your card to start swapping Shared GPU memory with Dedicated GPU memory. Watch for this in the Task Manager Performance tab. You do not want your card to use ANY Shared GPU memory. Things get really choppy when that happens. Dropping Terrain Tectures to Low and/or deleting the SuperCarrier group should be enough to get your VRAM usage where it needs to be.
  23. Great medics on those Mi-24V's.
  24. Practice flying in the same pitch at 300 kts behind the tanker just like you fly to catch the ball. For example, on the Viper its around 300 kts with 3000 ppm fuel flow. Sounds like you enjoy long missions, so I'll be captain obvious and remind you that you only need to come to a halt to open the ground crew menu to rearm and refuel. You could easily plan your missions in hops. Hang in there. Edit: I try to get my tankers at 15000 at 300 kts because I know the Viper performs well at that altitude. They always seem to chose their own speed, so play with this a bit until you find the sweet spot.
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