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  1. I've been trying for about a week now. I have managed to get some fuel to flow, but I can't stay connected long enough yet. I got sucked into the intakes last night too.
  2. Has anyone else noticed the tanker veering to the left just as you get into contact position?
  3. Lots of interest in skins: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?PAGEN_1=2&set_filter=Y&arrFilter_pf[filetype]=&arrFilter_pf[gameversion]=&arrFilter_pf[filelang]=&arrFilter_pf[aircraft]=564&arrFilter_DATE_CREATE_1_DAYS_TO_BACK=&CREATED_BY=&sort_by_order=TIMESTAMP_X_DESC&set_filter=Filter
  4. Post an image of your NCP settings. You should be using the Program settings tab for DCS. These are mine. As you can see, I don't use any Nvidia specific settings because I don't use vsync, AA, or AF. Note that you must match Antialiasing - Transparancy to your AA choice. If you choose MSAA set it to multisample, and choose SSAA x2 so you can match with 2x(supersample).
  5. @silverdevil Right. Movies are 30fps because that's considered full motion video. So 60fps is guaranteed to be more than enough. The VR guys need 45fps per eye or they get seasick. That's a nice monitor. You can easily get 120fps with that monitor and card. I have the Asus PB287Q which is 3480x2160 and claims 133khz and 60hz. I could get higher fps but I always lean for quality over performance. If you start your own thread and post your settings, we can get you all tuned up.
  6. SSLR is great without any AA, but as soon as you add MSAA or SSAA, SSLR becomes a performance hog. I don't use any AA enabled while running at 4k, so I have SSLR enabled.
  7. The rate depends on the monitor because the card is trying to sync it's rate with the monitor refresh rate. My older monitor requires a display port cable to achieve the higher rates. I would also enable displayport compression 1.2 or 1.4 if your monitor has it. ON and FAST are the two most common settings I have seen here. If your card delivers 60fps or more consistently, you can turn off vysnc entirely.
  8. I believe you need to use Alt+Printscrn to capture FXAA because it's post processing ie. after DCS has finished rendering.
  9. You do not want MSAA=4 AND SSAA = 1.5. This is a huge performance hog. You should choose either, not both. Try MSAA=2x or 4x and MFAA=On on NCP. Or SSAA = 1.5 and MFAA=On. Or just MSAA or SSAA by itself, no MFAA. Also, if you are going to use Full Screen, right click on DCS.exe and disable full screen optimizations in Compatibility. Or, turn Full Screen off.
  10. This makes sense. Vsync smooths out the framerates, so they will be lower than the peaks you see without Vsync. You set Vsync in DCS or NCP, not both. Some have reported good results with Vsync = FAST in NCP. If your card is new enough, you can turn off Vsync and let your card run as fast as it can. I don't use Vsync anymore with my 1080Ti because it can keep me around 60fps with all settings cranked up.
  11. Syria takes up almost the entire 11GB of VRAM on my 1080Ti with an empty mission, and as soon as you add units it goes over 11GB. Unfortunately, when Windows starts swapping Dedicated GPU Memory with Shared GPU Memory, things get choppy. This issue is aggravated by Antialiasing (SSAA or MSAA), so running Syria in 4k without any AA or AF works the best for 2d. The secret to Syria for me is Terrain Textures=Low and Textures=Medium. This allows the VRAM usage of my card to stay in Dedicated GPU memory and not do any swapping. Anyone with less than 11GB of VRAM will have a tough time getting their settings low enough to stay out of Shared GPU memory. Keep an eye on your GPU in the Task Manager. If you see any activity in Shared GPU memory, you can expect stutters.
  12. I am not sure how LOD is handled on the newer cards, but I will see if I can figure it out. For me, on Syria I set Terrain Textures Low, and turn off all AA and AF (since I run at 4k), and I turn off terrain shadows since I have to use the low terrain textures. This is enough for me to get smooth rates on Syria. You get another big boost from setting Textures to Low or Medium. I don't recall anything else having an impact on the amount of VRAM used.
  13. The AAR missions for the Viper are in Instant Action. Not sure about the Hornet.
  14. One more recommendation, it's hard work practising AAR, and I don't want this to take the fun out of DCS for me. I add a tanker to all my missions, and I give myself time to make an AAR attempt each flight. If I don't make it, I carry on to the mission.
  15. Welcome to the community! And they do the free trial a couple of times per year.
  16. That setting only affects other settings, it doesn't do anything by itself. Trilinear Optimization will not do anything unless you have Anisotropic filtering turned on in DCS. Also, if you have AF turned on you want Negative LOD set to CLAMP. It is highly unlikely this gave you 40 fps more, but thanks for testing. Also, the LOD bias doesn't do anything on the Pascal architecture cards.
  17. Visual only. You get to know the airfields after awhile, and you start building approach habits. Later on, you can add a bit of wind down the runway to add some realism. Then you can land according to the active runway.
  18. I got too close to an exploding Su-27 yesterday in the Viper. My pilot blacked out briefly. All systems seemed okay, but there was a bit of wiggle on final approach. On touchdown, I had no rudder or brakes, rolled a few times, and ended blacked out. The new damage model is making landings more interesting.
  19. The runways are 090 and 270, but you see 09 and 27 reversed in that pic. One tip on "trimming" the Hornet. You can "trim" by lowering the throttle until you can almost take your hands off the stick and the Hornet should feel balanced. This is the "trim" that everyone talks about for landing the Hornet. Practice flying around the map a few times like this. I never touch the trim controls unless my jet is damaged. When I have an uneven load that's pulling in one direction I use the autopilot until I'm on approach.
  20. You can also select the client you created, press Ctrl+c, click the map where you want the unit, and press Ctrl+v. You will want to give the new unit unique callsigns etc.
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