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  1. This is why @Fakum gets the better frame rates. Nvidia may have a trouble syncing when DCS is not in fullscreen mode. But, DCS vsync works no matter what.
  2. Nice work! I had forgotten how much I love vsync, so I have traded SSAA and SSLR for vsync. Super nice and smooth. Thanks for testing.
  3. @Fakum @silverdevil I would like you guys to run this test. Turn off vsync/gsync. Turn off MSAA,SSAA,and AF. Water to medium, terrain object shadows off. This is the baseline. Then in the NCP set Max Frame Rate = 90. Then test on Caucasus map. I can't do this because it's way over my specs. This should be just as smooth as vsync ON, but I suspect it will be better because your card has a better chance of hitting 90 than 120. My card can't keep up to that.
  4. Just ran an interesting test. My card does ~70-80 fps on the runway in PG with vsync OFF. When I enable vsync in the NCP and press Alt+Enter, it toggles vsync on and off. ie. it goes from 60 solid fps, to 70-80ish fps and back again. When I enable vsync in DCS settings and press Alt+Enter, it doesn't toggle. Stays at 60fps for both. I tried this with both Full screen selected and deselected.
  5. Huh, I just did a rebuilt. Looks like I guessed right this time.
  6. I was just coming to this. Don't know which settings you can change on the fly in NCP. I always exit DCS, change NCP, then start DCS. Clean slate. No worries, these are not related. I was going to ask if you have the latest Nvidia driver installed. Click the system info button.
  7. This is normal. Its fine to run DCS lower than the desktop resolution, but goes bonkers when you run DCS higher than the desktop resolution. Also, always change only one thing at a time. So, turn off Gsync, leave Vsync off, and test without SSAA or MSAA, Water = Medium, Terrain Shadow's off. This should be your baseline for testing. Then toggle Vsync by changing the Vsync setting in DCS, and compare. I don't see any change, by my card is 3 years old now. I'm going to test with vsync and see.
  8. Turn off all SSAA and MSAA in DCS. You have high resolution, so this should be tolerable. Turn off Terrain Object Shadows to save a bunch of FPS. Turn water to medium to save some FPS. That is a pretty lean setup, and great for testing. Fly like that for a week. Then add back any SSAA or MSAA you feel you need. So glad it's better!
  9. Super High End. To Drool For. I think only the 3090 tops it. @Fakum, if you are still using Gsync, then you are still using the G version of vsync. Have you tried turning off Gsync?
  10. I just noticed that TrackIR samples at 120 fps. @Fakum @silverdevil You both have 120hz native monitors. I wonder if something really strange is going on there. Can you force your monitors to refresh at 100 or 60?
  11. That's great. Not sure what's going on there, but the herring is not so red after all.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame_rate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_blur
  13. @silverdevil @Lange_666 Yeah, I never had any issues with fullscreen mode, and I've never done the Alt-Enter dance. I always run DCS in the same resolution as the monitor. This is probably an old red herring.
  14. I have read that Windows messed up their fullscreen optimization implementation. Fullscreen in DCS won't let you move your mouse cursor outside the screen if you have dual monitors. If you turn off Fullscreen in DCS, you can, but you have to click on the cockpit so DCS can capture the mouse again. Not a big deal.
  15. @Fakum You are showing me Anisotropic Filtering, not Antialiasing. First, Anisotropic Filtering. If you use AF in DCS, you can turn OFF Trilinear Optimization for better quality, or ON for better performance. Try both. Now Antialising Transparancy. If you use MSAA x2 or x4 in DCS, you should set Antialiasing -Transparency in NCP to Multisample. If you use SSAA x1.5 or x2 in DCS you should set this to x2 Supersample.
  16. I just noticed the speed brakes have gradual opening. Thank you very much! I was wondering why my Viper wouldn't slow down.
  17. Excellent post! I am using SSAA x2 (with Antialiasing -Transparancey = x2 supersample) with SSLR on my 1080Ti. At 4k I don't really notice the jaggies but, this setting is very nice. Also, SSAA 1.5 is much lighter impact than SSAA X2, and is great if you absolutely need some AA.
  18. @Fakum In your screenshots of the NCP, you are showing the Global settings tab. Sorry if this is obvious, but under the Programs Settings tab you will see a dropdown. Under this dropdown you will find DCS Black Shark. This is a profile for the game that you should use WHEN you are a pro at this. Here's the drill: get your NCP settings the way you want them. Then Restore the global defaults by clicking the Restore button. Then go into the Program Settings tab, and select DCS Black Shark from the dropdown menu. Then set up your NCP settings just as you had them in the Global Tab. This way, you can restore the global defaults anytime you wish, but you won't lose your DCS settings on the Program Settings tab.
  19. Sorry for that confusion. That was very "theoretical". It would make more sense for VR to set Max Frame Rate to 90 and 2D to set it to 60 with vsync off. Forget about Max Frame Rate, anyway. With your hardware, this should be OFF. And turn off all Gsync and Vsync in DCS, NCP and in the monitor control panel if you have a Gysnc monitor. You will see DisplayPort Compression 1.2 and/or 1.4 in the monitor control panel. This is required to be ON for the higher refresh rates in the monitor to work, AND you need a DisplayPort cable. Otherwise, it will probably default to 60hz all the time. The newer HDMI 2.1 monitors I have no experience with. At this point, DCS is pumping frames as fast as it can go, and your hardware can keep up. If you see that screen tearing mentioned, you can turn ON vsync in DCS without changing anything else, and it should sync at the native 60 or 100 hz of the monitor. If it drops frames with vsync ON, you will see the odd tear go by. This is the simplest way to test vsync. Alternatively, leave vsync OFF in DCS, and turn vsync ON in NCP. This should behave exactly the same way as using vsync in DCS. Nvidia recommends Adaptive vsync if you have vsync ON and are still getting tearing. Haven't tried it. FAST is supposed to try for higher increments of sync but drop frames if it can't. My experience with FAST is that the highs are higher, but lows are still below 60 fps. Gsync is supposed to flip this around and let the monitor tell the card to sync at 60 or 100 or 122, etc instead of the card detecting the monitor rate and syncing. I hope this helps.
  20. Yeah, there's no guarantees. My monitor actually goes from 30 to 144 but it's "native" at 60hz, and DCS will ignore any vsync setting if it can't keep up. And yes, that's where the 58 comes from -- some number just below the max refresh rate of your monitor. BTW, 60 comes from the old cathode ray tubes and the fact that 60hz is the resonance of power in the US. Tesla chose 60 for the resonance. I digress.
  21. Screen tearing is what happens when a the card drops a frame when it shouldn't. For example, if you use Low Latency Mode = Ultra, your card will not queue any frames. However, if a frame drops for some reason you get a tear running across the screen. Google is your friend.
  22. I have trackir too, but I never do anything with refresh rates there. Sorry for the confusion. I also don't mess with autoexec.cfg for settings. Remember, film is 30 fps, so 60 fps is twice as fast as a movie theatre. They say the human eye can't detect differences after 30fps, so that's why 60 is a safe number. VR guys need 45 per eye or 90 fps to keep from being seasick. More than 60 fps doesn't add any value for 2d, so no reason not to enable Vsync and have 60 fps all the time.
  23. About Gsync, I had a gsync monitor for 1 day before I gave it to my son. It doesn't make sense to have Gsync on and Vsync off or vice versa. You are either limiting frames or not limiting frames. If you are getting consistently over 60fps with your card, you don't need to use sync in 2d. However, it doesn't hurt to use vsync and lock frames down at 60 fps in 2d. Vsync ON, OFF or FAST are the 3 main choices I see. I also can't tell if DCS vsync is better than NCP vsync. So, I would experiment with DCS vsync ON - all NCP Vsync/Gysnc off, DCS vsync OFF - NCP vsync/gsync ON, and DCS vsync OFF and NCP vsync FAST.
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