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  1. I think I see what ppl mean by juddering. If you try to focus your eyes BEFORE you turn the camera, the images blur until you stop moving your head. If you let your eyes go blurry and focus AFTER you turn the camera, you don't notice. Just goes to show how personal this stuff really is. I turned both Multisample and 2X SG Supersample AA-transparency back on in Inspector because I can see the difference when reading the cockpit. I was thinking this over in my sleep probably, but if SSAA does the entire texture and MSAA only does edges, with SSAA x2 and MSAA x2 you end up with x4 on the edges, correct? Anyway, this seems like the sweet spot for now on my 1080Ti.
  2. Feels really good after today's update. I feel more loft as I flare on approach, and it holds up at 152 knots. Felt like 160 was the minimum before. Thank you for putting the tiger back in the tank.
  3. My TrackIR says it samples at 120 fps. I'm not sure how ppl are changing their TrackIr refresh rates. Here's a thread on the issue. Might be a multi monitor issue. Try with just one monitor. Cheers.
  4. Those TrackIR issues are common around the forum. I wonder if moving the view with the mouse or keyboard creates the same issue.
  5. Yep, got my brain reorganized. My FPS are probably in the 30-40ish range but I don't look at the FPS counter. As long as I'm over 30 fps my eyes can't tell. I have TrackIR Pro, and I don't see how DCS settings affect it. Lucky again. I also can't see the affect of Antialiasing - Transparency anymore. Everything looks great except those water edges that shimmer in the distance. No fix for that except don't look there.
  6. I've built this into my every day flying now. Every mission I create has a tanker waiting for me as soon as I climb out. I practice at least one aspect of AAR each mission, even if it's forming up with the tanker and waving. I've added AI's to refuel along with me, so I can just watch them work if I'm not in the mood. Even when I don't try to refuel, it feels like I've been a part of the show. The maps are starting to feel small, as you can cover a lot of ground with a refuelling leg in the mission.
  7. I've been flying SSAA x2 with MSAA x2 with AF x16 and Antialiasing - Transparancy OFF in the NCP. This looks fabulous! At first I had both MultiSample and 2x Sparse Grid Supersample enabled in Inspector, but after I switched to this heavy AA, I don't think that's needed anymore. No shimmering yet. I'm sticking with these settings. Wow! I'm using Vsync = FAST in NCP with the FPS counter turned off. Cheers!
  8. I had to play around with the speed for the tanker. I have mine set for 15000 at 270 but he goes 240. Not bad. I always add an AWACS to my missions so my tanker shows up on Datalink. If you want to watch the AI refuel, reduce their fuel to 3300 lbs under ordinance and add the refuelling task.
  9. Eyes and brain, what a combo. Sometimes I get the impression the AI is better at higher fps. Nevermind about 2x. Stay with 1.5x. Happy flying.
  10. Cool. Also turn off Antialiasing - Transparency in the NCP. I don't think this level of AA requires it. I have not seen shimmering on trees yet. I'm not sure how you have TrackIr set up. The default profile works pretty good out of the box. However, what I did was make a copy of default and save it. Make this profile exclusive. Then bump up my smooth to 20. And finally, make all my curves match the Smooth Templates for each axis. This is a good basic start, and it takes any TrackIr issues out of the way.
  11. @Fakum Try these settings with NCP vsync = FAST. Your 2080 Ti will crush these settings. Leave the FPS counter OFF for a week.
  12. Pumping the brakes is the best option. Anti-lock is not implemented yet. You can see the slicks left behind as the tires drag. If you are too hot on landing and might not make it, mash the brakes and use the rudder to steer like you are driving on snow: opposite rudder from the direction of the turn.
  13. This is not implemented. The Sidewinder has more fidelity now. It will switch tracks if a friendly flies in front of it. It will track missiles. It will lose track if the sun is low on the horizon. I watched an Su-34 dodge my 9x from 1.7 nm out! Lucky bum! Man this game is fun!
  14. I have changed my entire view of performance after this thread. I have tried MSAA with SSAA, in fact I'm running MSAA x2 SSAA x2 and SSLR, and DCS is the best looking I have ever seen it. Smooth and sharp. With my 2d system at 4k, you must have at least 30 fps, but any more than that is a waste. For example, if you are turning down your quality settings to get 60 fps, you are wasting 30 fps that can be put toward quality settings. He's right. Crank up the beauty settings until you get a solid 30-40 fps. Leave off the fps counter. Just when you think it's perfect, it gets more perfect.
  15. The Radeon 6800 XT with 16GB of VRAM looks like the best deal for new hardware if you can get them. You can run all the DCS maps with that.
  16. Correct. Max Frame Rate = 60 in the NCP, but be sure to turn OFF vsync and gsync for that test. One other long shot, turn off Shader Cache in NCP. This will eliminate any disk issues. However, your load times will increase the first time you fly a map. Pro tip: if you want a quick way to tell if a setting has cleaned up the stuttering, use Ctrl+Z to speed up time. This makes the stutters much easier to see. Try this on Caucasus with vsync/gsync OFF, MSAA OFF, SSAA OFF, and Shader Cache OFF. I think that is the smoothest I've ever got it.
  17. There's a little more information on setting up each axis and axis tuning in Chucks guides.
  18. I think we know that DCS can't sustain 120 fps with any kind of quality on today's hardware. @Fakum the only thing left to try is a different monitor.
  19. Thank you for making me think. BTW, we didn't say they don't go together, we said they eat up FPS like candy when then are together. I had an interesting experience with your settings. I had been getting 60ish FPS with FAST, and I flew your settings without the FPS counter on. DCS never looked better. It was smooth as silk. Then I turned on the FPS counter and saw 40ish FPS. My cognitive bias kicked in, and I switched back to my previous settings. After all, 60 is better, right? But, I've said 30 should be enough, so I decided to eat my own cooking. I would fly your settings without the FPS counter to see if I could notice anything. I tried vsync ON first, and that synced at a solid 30fps. However, there were moments when it felt like the world was slowing down. Then I tried FAST again, and it was perfection. I'm leaving the FPS counter off for a week with your settings to see if my card can sustain this through a couple dozen dogfights on PG and Caucasus. Thanks for testing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_bias
  20. I'm afraid to run Syria map with High Textures and High Terrain Textures is too much for our 11GB VRAM cards. Drop these down and you can just fit Syria into the dedicated gpu memory and have no stutters. I have put Syria on the shelf until I can upgrade my card. My card gets 70-80 fps as well. Right now I am running NCP Vsync = FAST, and I'm trying SSAA 1.5 and MSAA x2. My card will stay very close to 60 fps on Caucasus and PG with these settings. For me, that's perfect.
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