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  1. I suppose you could declare 8-Bit Tuesdays and eat the elephant one bite at a time. LOL. Just pick off a little every week.
  2. Thanks! Yes, I've been going after the perfect furball with just enough bad guys to put on a good show. Campaigns have been a dozen interesting missions spread around the map. I think making a long mission that is exciting may be more work than maintaining multiple smaller missions. I was also worried that the really fun parts would be later in the mission making me impatient to get past some objectives. You can't skip to the good parts. I've also been putting refuel legs into the missions. This has added some length to the missions, but it's also taught me to be more frugal with fuel. Even without external tanks I can build a mission that covers a lot of ground without refuelling but still takes an hour to complete. Thanks for the input.
  3. Has anyone done some sorting on the data? Are there a few very large files with 32bit normals? Or a huge number of very small files with them? Is it possible to sort out everything "round and shiny" from candidates for automated conversion?
  4. I've been thinking of changing the way I make missions from 1-1.5 hr chunks of time to one mission that can run all day. By switching the "fix times" I can have units spawning all day, and I can complete a series of flights in each mission by rearming and refuelling, pausing for sandwiches now and then. Does anyone run day long missions? Is there some roadblock to running a mission that long?
  5. Update, the default 50 % fuel load works just fine. They hook up immediately. Some nice lighting there too.
  6. Are we sure those manual numbers are up to date? They look like the Su-27k numbers. Here's a snip of the in game numbers. I'd like to know the max takeoff weight so I can set them up to refuel after takeoff.
  7. Just to be clear, line up the steer points of the refuelling leg.
  8. Another good tip. Set your steer points to be exactly the same as the tanker. This way you can fly the flight path marker and steering cue the same way you fly it in formation flight.
  9. I looked in the logs, but I didn't see any reference to coordinates. I was thinking if you captured the coordinates you could plot the crashes and see if they cluster around certain map features. Mine always seem to occur as I'm crossing the mountains to Fujairah on the PG map.
  10. Perhaps ask in the Mission Editor section of the forum.
  11. You get fewer peaks and valleys with the new settings. First settings 22-73 fps. Second set 43 - 61 fps.
  12. Give yourself a challenge. I hear you on these guys. They can out turn the Viper easily. Same for the 19 and 21 btw.
  13. Set up 6 v 6 guns only Vipers vs 15's. Give yourself some sidewinders to "even the odds". What's the endurance like for the Mig? The Viper can dogfight for an hour on internal tanks.
  14. I also have the 1080Ti, and you will be disappointed with the Syria map. It takes over 11GB of VRAM to run the Syria Map, and since our cards only have 11GB, we get a lot of stuttering from Windows memory manager swapping Dedicated and Shared GPU memory. I put the Syria Map on the shelf until I get at least 16GB of VRAM because I can't bring myself to lower the textures enough to fit the map inside 11GB. Glad to see that CPU worked for you. First time I've seen someone just swap from Intel to AMD without reinstalling....
  15. Performance looks much more consistent this time around.
  16. Nice tests. Any idea why the FPS seem to improve after 15 minutes? Are there many units getting destroyed in the mission or a huge amounts of ordinance flying about??
  17. Textures and Terrain Textures are the two big ones. There are a few settings, but I can't recall all of them. Nothing in the Nvidia control panel will help this issue. If you have two monitors you can leave the Task Manager open to the Performance tab with your GPU selected on one monitor. Number of units on the mission also impacts this. For example, a full super carrier group can add 1GB of VRAM usage to each mission. I have never measured Multiplayer. Maybe we should start a new thread on the secrets of lowering VRAM usage.
  18. Just wanted to add some detail. My tanker says rendezvous at 240, but he's actually flying at 234. It took me awhile just forming up with the tanker to dial it in. Much easier to connect now.
  19. No clue here. Just feels better. Could have been a global adjustment, not specific to the Viper.
  20. I think I see what ppl mean by juddering. If you try to focus your eyes BEFORE you turn the camera, the images blur until you stop moving your head. If you let your eyes go blurry and focus AFTER you turn the camera, you don't notice. Just goes to show how personal this stuff really is. I turned both Multisample and 2X SG Supersample AA-transparency back on in Inspector because I can see the difference when reading the cockpit. I was thinking this over in my sleep probably, but if SSAA does the entire texture and MSAA only does edges, with SSAA x2 and MSAA x2 you end up with x4 on the edges, correct? Anyway, this seems like the sweet spot for now on my 1080Ti.
  21. Feels really good after today's update. I feel more loft as I flare on approach, and it holds up at 152 knots. Felt like 160 was the minimum before. Thank you for putting the tiger back in the tank.
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