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  1. I have been wondering lately if the speed of the RAM and VRAM have an impact during swapping. Radeon has that cool memory architecture so DDR6 may not be such a factor. His 2080Ti memory speed is about 40% higher than my 1080Ti. Lots of variables.
  2. Cool reference: https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/turbfan.html
  3. True, but faster air means hotter intake and doesn't the engine limit the intake temps?
  4. After keeping a sharper eye on the behaviour, I see the fuel flow drifts after a throttle input until the airspeed levels off. For example, if I am at 300 kts with ff 3000 and I increase throttle until ff is 4000, the jet will accelerate and the ff will drift upwards until the airspeed levels off.
  5. I am aware that fuel flow will change with altitude and no throttle input, but is it supposed to be stable during straight and level flight? My fuel flow always seems to drift slowly up or down even with AP on. I have a deadzone of 3 in my throttle axis, and I am wondering if my throttle is the issue.
  6. Yes. The Syria map consumes around 28gb of RAM on my 32GB system. 32gb of RAM and at least 11GB of VRAM is pretty future proof for now. High textures or low? My 1080Ti with 11GB starts swapping VRAM on Syria.
  7. No. Just a graphical artifact like the jaggies: a byproduct of rendering water. I believe it gets worse if you have Water = Medium or Low.
  8. When I first started I would go on recon flights to scope out terrain, bridges, roads, etc. Good role for those jets. Can't speak for multiplayer.
  9. This is the shimmering that appears at the edges of the canopy that intersect water at low angles like during takeoff at Batumi.
  10. This is a learning experience as with all things DCS. Deadzones and axis curves make the Viper seem more "boaty" to me. The only reason I had them in the first place was because I read it in a pdf. So I took out the pitch and roll deadzones and made the curves all zero. Now the Viper feels more responsive and less slushy, but my muscle memory is all screwed up. I've added a small deadzone to the throttle to smooth it out. I'll fly this for a week and see how it goes.
  11. I added a deadzone of 2 to my axis, and confirmed the roll rate is slower (Cat 1 fastest, Cat III slower, Landing Gains slowest) with the AAR door open. Got shot down by an Su-25, so no landing test. Got to connect with the tanker no problem, but could not keep it there.
  12. Cool! I will check this out. With AAR, it's all about holding a steady airspeed for me. It's either walking forward too fast or falling back immediately after connect. And then a short push to bring it back in sync with the tanker usually breaks the connect. I don't think it's about deadzone on my hotas. If the flight path marker drifts from the steering que by even a pixel the viper follows.
  13. I have noticed the Su-25's are a lot more fun to have in missions. They are more aggressive and will score gun kills on me if I am not careful. At least I hope they have improved, or I'm getting worse. Thx again.
  14. I have the T16000 set and I just serviced the throttle to be silky smooth, but I can't keep the viper steady enough for AAR. I can fly straight and level with hands off no problem, but I give up on the tanker until things change.
  15. Oh to be young again.
  16. Just ordered a set of these myself. No ETA, but willing to wait. How do you not have every HOTAS ever made my friend? It's been over 20 years!
  17. That's my multiplayer experience too. 3 hrs doesn't seem so long with friends and that pretty much fills the evening. I'm trying to balance the size of the mission (in GB of VRAM consumption) with the right amount of light show and adrenaline. I'm stretching them out in length of time too. As long as you have some task to perform (AAR, escort, rendezvous, etc.) covering the miles does not get boring. The ride home is usually long and relaxing unless you have a Mig on your tail. I'm up to about 75 minutes for the longer ones. I'll set the bar for 2 hours and see how much fun I can pack in there.
  18. Technique and a good throttle are keys to success with the Viper and slow speed tasks like AAR. I've been practising AAR in the Viper for weeks with only 2 successes, but my throttle is not good anymore. @Theodore42 Thanks for that great explanation. I'm going to compare the Hornet.
  19. I believe if your MS account is in the Developers Program, you will get 2004 automagically. I am wondering about 2004 as well. Perhaps a new thread on 2004 compatibility is required. Don't want to hijack your support thread.
  20. How do you keep such an incredibly diverse community happy? How important is a happy multiplayer community to a healthy community in general? How do you balance the desire to push the limits of today's hardware with the needs of the community to get their money's worth from their current hardware?
  21. That was very nice dogfighting! Thank you for sharing.
  22. With the level of automation achieved in the F-22 and up, you wonder why they even put humans in the cockpit anymore.
  23. Just wanted to say the Low terrain textures are looking very nice and performance seems to have improved considerably. There is still some funkiness going on with VRAM, but the usage seems to have come down a lot. So, if you don't mind the odd bump in the road the Syria map is back on the rotation for my 1080 Ti. YMMV.
  24. Sorry, I meant, did you notice any less sharpness without foveated rendering? My understanding is this was supposed to be an optimization by only sharpening the areas in front of your vision and not the peripherals. Funny how it had the opposite affect, so I am wondering if there is any visual benefit to foveated rendering.
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