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  1. I like to set up an 8 Red vs 6 Blue guns only furball over Damascus. You can take a couple of 9m's if you wish. The AI will fight til they run out of fuel. That's a good workout. Cheers!
  2. I love all the math. I especially love it when others do the math. Those of us who have detents on our throttles will have noticed that full Mil power has gone from ~11000 pph to ~14500 pph. What remains the same, however, is that in full Mil power the jet still falls out of the sky in a turning fight. This means you need to stay in AB if you want to sustain the rate, and it shortens the time you can spend in a turning fight. If this is close to perfection, then I will be resetting my expectations and learning to lean on the throttle more.
  3. Thanks! Yes, it's not easy. Thanks for testing @Hummingbird I'm just here for the view and the salty snacks.
  4. Would you mind posting a track showing your test flight technique?
  5. IMO, this is the next big hill for the FM to climb. The added thrust is nice in the straight and level and helps to compensate for the energy loss in turns, but doesn't solve it. Getting there.
  6. You also have to account for the ground friction modeling in the sim. I would suspect this is a global setting not specific to the Viper. Good on you for practicing this extreme test case.
  7. Don't forget you can add auto-rudder and take-off assist under the Special tab in Settings to help you get started. My favorite prop training exercise is to go river racing from Poti to Kustaisi on the Caucasus map. Try to stay between the river banks and below tree top level while avoiding the bridges and power lines. There are some nice hairpin turns on the river that will allow you to practice your Immelmann turns.
  8. I have changed the way I design my missions. I have one mission before hostilities (no CAP or ground action), and one mission after the fight breaks out for each map. That way I can fly in a populated world for practice, and then I just change up the combat mission until I lose more often than I win. When I get to the point where I kick the AI butt all the time, I change it up.
  9. I watch the sun rise or set almost daily in DCS. There are so many airfields in DCS that are carefully crafted for your enjoyment. I also set the date to the current date so I can watch the seasons pass. I hardly ever pull the trigger these days because I enjoy the flying more than the fighting (until the Viper is complete ). It's all about expectations.
  10. Agreed. Circuit height, say 1500ft, would be a better setting. I'll run with that. Thanks! Edit: Nope, 10 for the win. It nags you on the way up with higher values.
  11. lol. It's more that it's good to have the radalt working, even if you don't use the warning. The last thing you want is the pilot taking his eyes off the road on approach because of the bells going off, or learning to just ignore the warnings. Too bad you can't put a piece of tape over it.
  12. I think it's just ED evolving the flight model. I expect it will be as good as or better than the Hornet when done.
  13. Is there a way to fly the Hornet without the audible warnings for Radar Altimeter? In Wags' VFR landing training video he passes through 500 ft without the warning, but I can't seem to get rid of it. Thanks.
  14. Is this a bug? It won't hold trim anymore. Constantly trimming back and forth. It lists like a leaky tugboat.
  15. The JF is one of the greatest threats in the sim. @Furiz nailed it.
  16. The F-16 flight model is a work in progress, so any force on the stick bleeds energy with a heavy loadout. As @Xavven mentioned, right now try it with no pylons and low fuel. The envelope is 350-550, so stay inside that zone. If you recall, ED mentioned they were working on their rudder coordination in the flight model to bring out the full fidelity Mig-29. The F-16 likes a small amount of rudder now to bring the nose around nicely. I hope this helps.
  17. No problem. I had Russian voices coming out of my headset today. Cya later folks.
  18. Sorry, I had target fixation on making the DCS Viper better. Nevermind. It's perfect.
  19. Yes, we established that the increase is due to the N1 fan speed increasing. What's incorrect is that the added fuel is not creating acceleration. It's a straight line increase to airspeed, not a curved increase. But what about deceleration? The jets lose fuel flow as the airspeed decreases. The mechanical nature of the thrust levers would not allow the fuel flow to drop past full military thrust as the airspeed drops. Full military thrust on the ground test was just below 10000 pph. Therefore, in a tight turn, my fuel flow should never drop below 10000 pph because my thrust levers are at PLA 85 right before the AB detent. This is why the jets turn to slushy mush in a turning fight. As you slow down, you lose the N1 fan speed and the extra push it gives you, but N2 should stay constant as long as the levers don't move.
  20. I never stop trying to make things better. Just my nature.
  21. The guys who wrote the paper?
  22. They said 85 pla is full non-afterburner power. So, right before the AB detent is my understanding.
  23. You can fly those tests easily in DCS. Start at mach .3, deflect to 85 pla, watch fuel flow until mach .75. I was watching the Grim Reapers turn tests on YT today. I'm going to try some similar tests with the mach increase and without the mach increase.
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