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  1. Hey everyone, I’m not really sure whether it addresses the problem, and of course, if it’s a hardware issue (broken cabel) nothing will help except for replacing it… Only once I had the problem that my G2 just shut-down while on standby and wouldn’t wake up. But this occurred only once. Luckily the G2 is not suffering from any sparkles… The problem I had, that while either parked on a carrier with many static F/A-18s parked on the deck my G2 showed squared “blackouts” only on the right lense, while turning my head. This also occurred while having
  2. You could get out of the "ALT HOLD" by pressing MCP speed, i.e. changing the vertical mode, thus the B737 would maintain speed (according to thrust lever setting it would climb/descend). During "ALT HOLD" changing to V/S nothing will happen if you hadn't chosen/selected another altitude. And, phew, guess I need to test that on the hornet... it just popped in my mind when I read the thread title how it works with the boeing...
  3. On the Boeing 737, while pressing "ALT HOLD" (= BALT), the A/P maintains the uncorrected barometric altitude, so i.e. ALT HOLD is NOT coupled to the altimeter setting, nor altitude will change while changing your altimeter setting. So, having set ANY altimeter setting is only an indication, but has NO effect on the autopilot itself, as it "senses" the barometric altitude "on its own" (ADC)... I guess that every aircraft shows this behaviour...
  4. Hey everyone, I am german based, so looking for a squadron (team members) that are german based to fly with. Mainly I am flying and got some experience on the F/A-18C Hornet. Till november I flew pretty much the A-10C, but the question is whether I am still current on the warthog. Right now I am building missions (campaigns) for me and some guys I know, but unfortunately right now it seems that I am the only one who is flying. So if there is a squadron reqruiting I would be glad joining. Thanks and cheers. Looking forward to buddies to fly w
  5. Hey everyone, yesterday I flew a mission with plenty of MK151s loaded. Got everything setup: 1. master arm ... on 2. A/G ... selected 3. selected the 61S 4. chose CCIP 5. alternating between SGL and SAL 6. didn't change the motor setting, left it on M66 I was wondering that on the SMS the "61S" was crossed out, but I could still fire the rockets. Also had all the correct indications in the HUD. Unfortunately, I dont have screenshots or trackfile of that mission saved. Was there a problem of se
  6. Ah, perfect. Thanks... Gee... so much to learn... but real fun!
  7. Found another way to get a fuel prediction (at least for the hornet)... Selecting a waypoint and going to FPAS gives you the fuel prediction (or just looking at HSI using boxed waypoint and/or TACAN)
  8. Just found out that the "WATCH" symbol is for displaying the year of the mission... So only leaving question no. 1 ... Great! Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, tried the search function here in the forum but cannot find any information about it. 1. what does the "COMBAT" button do? What's it for? 2. what is the "WATCH" symbol for? Thanks for your help!
  10. Thats a great advice! Cause just till now I clicked through all the triggers looking for the right one! I am just learning all the triggers and they pepper the missions. It's so much fun using and creating scenarios. THEY give the mission the flavor. Before that my missions were just too static... Learning every day... Thanks for all the help! Appreciate it!!! Yeah! Just right now
  11. ah well... I'll do it just by averaging the fuel flow...
  12. Hey everyone, is there an easy and automatic way to find out how much fuel an aircraft (F/A-18C) is going to burn while flying a special route in the ME. (Without doing any performance calculation). Of course, it would be considering that the pilot wouldn't do any crazy maneuvers enroute. So only flying via the starting point, all the waypoints and landing at an airport, nothing fancy... Or would you just let the aircraft be flying as AI and go "fast forward" while trying out the mission? Thanks for your help!
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