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  1. Thanks Zampe - Unchecking the full screen option seems to have solved my crashing issue. I tested immediately after todays update with the full screen option selected and would get crashes as soon as I quit a mission. Upon unchecking the full screen option as Zampe suggested, I have experienced no crashes so far with multiple mission changes.
  2. I would also recommend this campaign. The AI has it's issues but I still loved the Maple Flag campaigns (F5 and F18) because there is a lot more to practice in the missions than just the engagement with AI. I'm new/terrible BFM fighter so even AI is helpful to me which might not be the same for everyone. I just worked on improving what I do in the engagements. I also used the campaigns to improve navigation (Had to learn a lot in F5 especially re nav), situational awareness, communications, fuel management etc. so for me they were great. I liked the ambiance Maple Flag created and the briefings and procedural information were nice for me as well. Was good fun.
  3. I’m loving the 2.7 release and am very pleasantly surprised at the increased immersion the cloud development provides. It’s like every aspect of a mission has become a fantastic new adventure due to the complexity introduced by the weather effects. In no way did I expect to enjoy this update as much as I am. I’m totally absorbed carrying out missions due to the added realism with this improvement – It’s really awesome. Thank you to ED, the testers and everyone on the forum who consistently support the development by pointing out bugs and pushing for even further improvement in all areas.
  4. Thank you for the campaign, SorelRo. I love the F5 and it's great to have missions other than my own self made scenarios to enjoy. Very nice work and I feel I got great value for the small price of the campaign!
  5. Thank you - I watched the first chapter and it was well done and helpful.
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