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  1. Thanks a lot for the deliberation. So, what i understand up till now; Early release Viper is limited to target/lock and subsequently do a valid BVR launch only one contact in SAM mode instead of 4 I guess in actual. Correct me if anything wrong in this statement. Goalposts; i think, the term for the blue Az bars.
  2. Yes. Its pretty much same. But the cursor is unable to move and I cant target multiple contacts without that. I guess, single TMS Up should not narrow down the Az and lock the cursor. Is it early release limitation or some input problem at my end?
  3. I have tried it under various own and target conditions and at multiple ranges but the result is always same. it directly goes into STT mode as if getting a twice TMS Up command. The FCR remains in STT and with no obviously no cursor and narrow Az. Similarly a single TMS Aft rejects the target altogether as if getting a twice TMS Aft command.
  4. I am encountering this problem of Radar going to STT mode with single TMS UP command. I guess it should do that with twice TMS UP only. Anybody with similar problem or troubleshoot? Thanks.
  5. Rightly said. Where MO may not mean compulsorily ACM mode as it is personal preference in reality and is a DTC selectable option as well. Having said that, MO must remember its last selection of ACM (if manually selected once) and must not return to CRM every time. Presently, it is returning to CRM mode if you cycle through any other mode and back to MO. ED..! Suggest to take a look into it. Thanks.
  6. TCN has nothing to do specifically with the INS alignment procedure. Check your key bindings for the C&I knob. TCN ON will be written if your C&I knob is moving to BACK UP position (it should be at UFC position) due multiple key bindings or inadvertent selection. Hope that will solve your problem.
  7. May be wrong but as per my knowledge, In Viper, 1-4 are flight members and you can see all the info from them. 5-8 are team members where you can just see limited info of locked target , but no lock or shot lines. Next are donors, you can only see their own position. No targeting info from donors. All this is to avoid unnecessary clutter on your HSD.
  8. I am 100% positive it goes to ACM mode in both dogfight and MO modes. Oh thanks. Will surely report this in that section.
  9. Just checked. It reverts back to CRM at 10 scale despite last selection of ACM. I guess have to live with it like that.
  10. Thanks. Will give it a try because I remember it reverts back to CRM despite last selection of ACM. but will confirm after checking.
  11. Hi. I am new to DCS. Would appreciate if somebody can guide me on following aspects of F-16 C module. Firstly, Is HOBO (Hands on black out) provision available? Secondly, Is cursor zeroize HOTAS feature available to take out any slews of the TGP or FCR? Lastly, is Missile Override always defaults to CRM mode instead of ACM or am I doing something wrong? It goes to ACM with dogfight selection, but reverts to CRM with selection of missile override. Thanks!
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