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  1. Yeah, that part works correctly. However, when I am under that speed, the flaps should be functional, correct? Mine are totally unresponsive under that speed. The cockpit button will not even depress when I fly under that speed, but as soon as I land, the button works, and the flaps are perfectly responsive.
  2. Nope. They are unresponsive when I click them with the mouse pointer.
  3. So I have gone through the tutorials for the L-39 Albatross and am feeling initially comfortable with this plane. One thing that I cannot figure out is how to operate the flaps in the air. Because this aircraft has specific “flaps up” “takeoff flaps” and “landing flaps” options in the settings instead of “flaps up” and “flaps down” like other planes, I set my 3 different flap positions to my throttle hat. Up for “flaps up” forward for “takeoff flaps” and down for “landing flaps.” When I am on the ground, the flaps are fully functional. I can select a flap position, the cockpit button
  4. Just finished the 4th training mission in the L-39 Albatros, and its going great so far. Um, I need to mess with the flaps more. I tried to deploy them on my last approach, and I was at like 200km/h at 600m and the flaps wouldnt deploy. I had the landing gear down already too. All 3 flap selections work just fine on the ground, and I can successfully put the flaps up after takeoff. Kinda weird, huh?
  5. Aight, Based on some recent forum recommendations, I watched some startup videos on the L-39 Albatros, and got the manual for the plane. This time, I walked through the cold startup tutorial, and successfully made it through! I had to Google search why I couldn't get the engine power to 60....I discovered there was a throttle lock and the tutorial doesn't mention that to you. I probably need to program that key to a HOTAS button. Oh, the ground steering was super freaky. Had to look that up, and discovered how to actually manage ground steering, so I am good there too now. I w
  6. Aight, I see where you can find these in each of the airplane DOC folders. Terrific! I think I can study up and use these as references to find the aspects of each plane that I need to learn. I really like the realism and level of detail in DCS and its planes. I hope to learn how to fly well enough to engage in the campaign content that I own so far, as well as do some multiplayer with other pilots!
  7. Here are the aircraft I own so far. I have flown the F/A-18C the most. A-10C F/A-18C UH-1H L-39 SU-25T TF-51D Oh, and I have the SuperCarrier too.
  8. Ok, so I found these, which will be helpful for the planes they have and that I own: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/documentation/index.php?SHOWALL_1=1 Do they make these for all of the aircraft available in the game?
  9. Ok, I found this video based on the 2nd link you shared: The guy clicks like 10 buttons in the cockpit, then starts getting into the different screen display settings, and I was lost after the first switch he clicked on. Seems like most of the content I have found does that. A pilot jumps in a plane, clicks a bunch of buttons, then shows you how they shoot a gun or launch a missile. I literally need: Step 1: Click this switch to activate weapons. Step 2: Flip this switch to arm weapons. Step 3: Go to the right green screen and press this button to get into the Air to Air opt
  10. I have been messing around with DCS for about a month now. I feel competent enough to takeoff (no cold start yet, lol), fly the plane, and land it successfully. I have all of my controls setup on my HOTAS and pedals, and my TrackIR 5 is working beautifully across three 27" monitors. Seems like the next thing I need to learn is how to arm and fire weapons. What resource should I use to learn about it? Is there a general concept for this, or is it highly plane specific? Also, it seems like the radar system is really involved in this game. I am used to things like Ace Combat 7 where yo
  11. Excellent, found the DCS file. Thanks for the help. My game now launches in Eyefinity mode!
  12. Just a quick question about running DCS World Beta 2.5 (latest upgrade) in the Radeon Eyefinity setting. So I recently acquired my 3rd monitor, and want to run the game across all 3 monitors. I have all of the in-games settings correct I believe (1 monitor, and 5760 x 1080 resolution). When I manually enable Eyefinity, and then start the game, it works perfectly across all 3 monitors (wow, what an experience)! However, I want to to make the Radeon software initiate Eyefinity when I launch the game. This feature works for me on Elite Dangerous exactly as it should, however, in the
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