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  1. That worked quite well. Thank you!
  2. I have been having an issue on PG when I start cold. I autostart, append some glide bombs, wait for them to warm up, and drop them on a point. They reliably get in the vicinity of the target but miss by a notable margin. Linked below is a demonstration video (sorry for the framerate, the capture software is being a pain today). This is only an issue when I start cold. It is not an issue if I start in the air with the bombs already loaded. When I start already in the air, the bombs land on-point every time. What am I missing? This used to work fine for me. Is there an issue with the a
  3. Unfortunately, this seems to just be broken atm. However, the anti-ship cruise missiles seem to work just fine! (since they don't have to render textures at range)
  4. I can confirm that I also cannot see radar contacts right in front of me. Even when making sure they are slightly above me in altitude.
  5. Here is me and a few friends demonstrating the issue. The perspective is from a 3rd party, the two people talking are each in a 25T. We run them into eachother. :)
  6. Is it possible to use either of the cruise missiles in a fire-and-forget fashion? Even COO mode seems to require human intervention for terminal guidance.
  7. This seems to be fixed as of the latest open beta patch. I was able to rearm and refuel using a Su-33 at an airfield it didn't spawn at. Thanks ED!
  8. I'm having an issue when using the cruise missile in the Instant Action - Man In The Middle on Caucuses. The wide view via the datapod is not loading buildings or other items. Only, what appears to be water, and smoke from buildings. When switching to narrow view, the buildings load. Is there a graphics setting I need to change? If not, could this get looked at and patched? Here is a short video demonstration that also shows my selected graphics settings:
  9. Does it work correctly for you if you leave the laser on auto? If so, your issue is with how you are activating the laser. If you have the laser on manual, make sure you turn it on and leave it on while the bomb is falling, otherwise the bomb won't have a point to track to.
  10. I am having this issue as well. I cannot rearm at airfields I didn't spawn at. I'm flying multiplayer with several friends. The FC3 aircraft reliably cannot rearm and non-FC3 craft can reliably rearm at blue airfields they didn't' take off from. I have seen this on Caucuses and Syria. I am playing on the Open Beta.
  11. Yes, I would be quite interested. I'm assuming a single person in the mission would be required to buy it? If everyone in the mission was required to, it would make it difficult to use in most situations.
  12. They should deff fix the chalks on the old Kuznetsov. It feels real lazy those don't work. The good thing is, with the super brake on the 33, you don't really need them to take off properly.
  13. I'm real excited to try out the changes to the R-27 today. Glad it got a realism pass.
  14. I'm a bit confused about the issue here. You can use the Su-33 on the old Kuznetsov model. If you don't think the new model is worth $40 (it isn't), then don't buy it.
  15. OP, the Ryzen 3600 is a real solid CPU if you are looking for multi-core performance. It both performs better in multi-core situations and is significantly cheaper than the 10600k. The 3700x is about the same price as the 10600k, but has an extra 2 cores and 4 threads over the 10600k, giving it significantly higher multi-core performance. Multi-core benchmarks: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html Single-core benchmarks: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html
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