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  1. Hehehe, I actually remembered my Login here. I found these videos by mistake and I posted a message for you on UBI Movie section. CountryCowfreak was kind enough to pass on the message. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/829104012/m/4111006845 Man was I PI$$ED OFF!!!
  2. I'm going to cry... Need those subtitles ASAP...LOL Can't fully enjoy this film without understanding your messed up humor Dobberman.
  3. Re: hi My point exactly =4c=Expert, Everything else is just a waste of time and if they do go that route both you and I have mentioned then they would spend more money setting that up than this Addon will NET.
  4. Quote from myself: "ED would have to have us connect to Central Server before playing online for this to even work and this would only work for online gaming.”ALL GAMES HAVE BEEN CRACKED,” when it comes to single player including Halflife2." What you highlighted is out of context without this part and NO it's not BS if you actually want it to "WORK." YES I know that Star Force is it's own system but it doesn't work for S#!T... :butthead:
  5. This whole Copy Protection deal is a waste of time. There is no such thing as an unbreakable Protection. Not even Steam is perfect. All this will do is prolong the release date and cause incompatibilities with some systems. ED would have to have us connect to Central Server before playing online for this to even work and this would only work for online gaming. "ALL GAMES HAVE BEEN CRACKED,” when it comes to single player including Halflife2. Now is ED going to waste even more money than they might even make on this "ADDON" to setup a main SERVER (like UBI and EA) to check CD Keys or Gene
  6. Notice how I have yet to mention your name or directly BASH you until now 169th Cobra. You continue to take this in a personal manner and you are turning this thread into a personal issue. I have not bashed the idea and not everything I wrote is negative. Learn how to READ first instead of writing nonsense. Hell I even mentioned a few work around as temporary fixes. Would having a control panel in the cockpit where you could control your comms be a cool idea, well "HELL YEAH". Is it ever going to happen... more than likely NO :cry: . PS: So what you are telling me is that only people
  7. I AGREE. I think Dedicated Server App. is more important than the Add-on it's self (IMHO). I would pay to get a Dedicated Server App. and all the bugs fixed. If this game would have released with a Dedicated Server App. it would have rivaled IL-2 and PF in most players online for Flight Sims. Right now it's not even a shadow to those two games online. By having a Dedicated Server APP. a host would be able to run Lock ON without wasting CPU power on rendering Graphics. You would also have better Servers out there hosting this game (ours being one of them). Multiplayer games would run mu
  8. I guess this is what I get for not being around for a bit... Hmmm let's answer some of these problems with Comms. Like Cali stated if you want to change channels in game it's called a "HOT KEY" use it. If you want to know who you're talking to then get the overlay for TS. Not sure if they have one for Ventrilo. And about the Opinion remark well what the hell is a forum for if not to chat about stuff, help others with problems and every now and then give an opinion. RELAX and take a pill and run a search on yourself here and at the UBI forum. I'm sure you as well as all of us here have pos
  9. Who cares about Comms being supported in LockON. I rather them use there developement time making the Online gaming more stable and also giving us a Server App. Hell I would rather them not even come out with any more plane addons or helicopter and just improve the online experience. I would even pay for a Server App Addon. Just my "Opinion". :roll:
  10. Ok does anyone know how to fix this problem or know a way I can delete them manually without corrupting the game.
  11. UBI has decided to give away LockON (FREE) if you buy Pacific Fighter. This is on the Main Page of UBI's Lock ON Site under NEWS.
  12. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I just noticed the other day that every time I've tried deleting a Custom Loadout in LockON all it's done is place it on the bottom of the Loadout list and also duplicate it. Now I have 15 of the same Loadout I've been erasing all this time. i tried to delete it manually in the MECustom.XML but when I would launch the game it would crash. Thank GOD I had made a backup or it would have been a new install of the game. Is there anyway I can get around this manually? Has anyone else experienced this problem or maybe none of you have noticed it yet? Le
  13. Nah, the Boom not showing up for the rest of the Clients till you get close enough has nothing to do with LAG. Sorry but that's not a valid excuse. Once the client get close enough to the Tanker the Boom or Basket appears and stay there like it should even when the game lags. Not supporting it is a nice way of telling us that it's not a priorety to fix. Think about it if they weren't plannin on supporting it then why include it in the game. Why do we have to option to refuel in the first place when we are online and also why do they even let you pick which basket you want to connect when
  14. GJ man. Try and refuel with all the planes you can in LockON and once you're done with that, try to do it at night. Then as an added bonus, make a refuel mission at night with F-15 in Thunderstorm with low to no visibilty. :lol: Now that's a whole lot of fun. Check Thread below for screenshots and on page 2 a Bad Weather Mission download Link. Good Luck. :wink: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?s=400102&a=tpc&m=298003727&f=38610606
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