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  1. Ok, so there is no more option to boresight? Regards
  2. Hi, can you boresight your TGP with TMS Aft? Regards
  3. Adding to this, TMS Aft is not slaving TGP to Boresight anymore. What should be the correct behavior on this? Regards
  4. I can’t believe it! I’ve been flying with the fake 51st all this time!
  5. Hola, te recomiendo este https://www.vpacom.net/ Saludos
  6. It looks like the INS is not properly aligned. Try to do a full alignment. For the cursor, make sure that your TGP is SOI. Best regards.
  7. Just reload DCS, it is stated in OP. Regards
  8. Maybe something change in the keybinds?
  9. No problems at all, in fact Im getting better performance now.
  10. I'm experiencing a significant performance increase in VR with the latest OB. I think that this is actually a better option that to roll back.
  11. Hi all, did anybody notice that after the last OB update the ground handling was significantly improved? (With and without NWS activated) or am I going crazy?
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