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  1. Yurgon's post in Wrong waypoint number was marked as the answer   
    Nice one, took me a bit to figure it out. 😉
    The thing is, you have an initial point object named T6414, and you have a waypoint also named T6414.
    In DCS, initial point objects are stored in the A-10C's navigation system as preset or predefined or system waypoints. Now if you add a waypoint with the same name, the aircraft's internal database needs to be able to differentiate between these two. The way DCS seems to handle it is to add a number to the extra waypoint, so in your mission, if you'd named it "SARAH" then the waypoint would become "SARAH1", and if it ends in a number, DCS increments that number to the next one that's available, to "T6414" becomes "T6415".
    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a way of setting up a flight plan with named waypoints that correspond to initial point objects and share the same name, unless you use "Prepare Mission" and set up the flight plan in the CDU itself.
    But there are many workarounds, like naming the waypoint "WPT6414" or whatever else you can think of, as long as its name is unique.
    Does that make sense?
  2. Yurgon's post in issue with maverick targetting was marked as the answer   
    The Maverick needs to actually track an object, or else it can't be launched and the aforementioned NO TRACK LAUNCH INHIBIT (I think it's a little more abbreviated) will show up.
    Ground stabilize does not command tracking, so that's no good.
    In order for the IR- and CCD-Mavericks to track a target, you can either slew the seeker over a target until it tracks, or command a track with TMS Forward Short.
    Once it tracks, the tracking gate will collapse, and start flashing. If I'm not mistaken, the collapsing part is correct, while the flashing is a deviation from how it works IRL. But anyway, the Mav page will give you feedback for a good track, and then you can rifle it off. 🙂
  3. Yurgon's post in TGP shuts off in flight after about 10 minutes/Right MFCD shuts off with CICU Caution light was marked as the answer   
    Well here's the fun part, and I just found this out:
    When the skill of an aircraft is set to "Client", the "FAILURES" panel is empty.
    When you set the skill to "Player" instead, the panel is properly populated.
    As far as I'm aware, these failures don't work in Multiplayer, which is probably the reason the panel doesn't work for clients.
    But in single player missions, you can fly any aircraft that is set to Client, and the failures do seem to take effect then.
    So I guess that's one problem solved: Set the skill to "Player" and at least you can see what's set and what isn't.
    However, that doesn't explain why the failures were set in the first place when you never hit that RAND button; I have no ideas in this regard.
  4. Yurgon's post in HMCS's symbols are extremely faint was marked as the answer   
    If the mission starts around dawn, the HMCS will be set to night mode.
    Hit the STAT OSB, then HMCS (OSB 3, top middle), and then select day mode. 🙂
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