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  1. I know there has been no DCS update since this was reported, but the A-10C manual still has the outdated CMS description and should be updated to match the new functionality of the CMS switch.
  2. I can confirm this in DCS OpenBeta. In fact it seems the UHF repeater shows the manually tuned frequency instead of the Guard freq.
  3. The excellent 476th documents, namely the TTP for the A-10, propose profile names to use in the DSMS. I was wondering if someone had figured out profile names for the new weapons we got with the A-10C II: - AGR-20A (M151 and M282 warheads) - GBU-54 - AGM-65L I'm guessing the GBU-54 is simply going to be "54" and the Laser-Maverick might be "65L", but with the APKWS there's a whole bunch of options, like going for the AGR-20 designation with "Laser" added: "20L", or maybe going by the warheads "15L" and "28L" or maybe following the M151 HE designation for
  4. Ach was? Nie von gehört, aber das ist ja super. Man lernt doch nie aus.
  5. Haha, okay, die Frage wäre damit beantwortet. Ein Punkt fällt mir jetzt erst ein, obwohl das mit dem Repair und mit dem Löschen von Gespeicherte Spiele\DCS erledigt sein sollte: Falls du mal Mods installiert hast, stell bitte erst einmal sicher, dass alle Mods deinstalliert sind. In der Logdatei sehe ich leider keinen klaren Hinweis auf ein konkretes Problem. Die letzte Zeile könnte vielleicht noch einen Versuch wert sein, wenn du Glück hast: wInfo: negative weight of payload "LAU-115_2*LAU-127_CATM-9M" Nur zum Sichergehen, falls du es nicht eh sc
  6. Tricker's video shows exactly the way it's always worked in the DCS A-10C. Going by the impacts all on the same point on the ground that you mentioned, I'd venture a guess that you all had the wrong SPI Generator. Can you confirm that you had STPT shown in the lower left corner of the HUD, and that the markpoint database was the active database? A video or a series of screenshots would be a big help. As an addition to the excellent video above, I like to double and triple check that the weapons will be going to the proper target by slaving all to SPI. With a
  7. Yeah, the Hornet as well. The C-101EB allows 0-7 on both Mode 1 digits, but like Kirk66 said, newer devices can handle that, so that seems to be correctly modeled. But the 3/7 combo for the DCS Huey seems pretty unique.
  8. It's quite possible that the Huey has it the other way around IRL, though it wouldn't make much sense to me. The video I linked above was suggested to me by a former RL German Army UH-1D pilot, though he didn't say whether this was actually the way he remembers it or not. But I guess he wouldn't have given me the link if he remembered it the other way around.
  9. Puh, das normale Programm wäre damit abgespult. Wie lange wartest du vor dem Abbrechen? Manchmal dauert der erste Start mit einem Flugzeug echt lange, so durchaus 5 bis 10 Minuten. Das *sollte* eigentlich nicht der Fall sein, und eigentlich hat es auch eher mit dem Terrain als mit dem Flugzeug zu tun, aber wenn du mal eine rauchen gehst oder noch den Müll rausbringen musst, gib doch DCS mal richtig lange Zeit, einfach nur als Versuch. Eine komplette De- und Reinstallation von DCS World wäre auch noch ein Versuch, aber das bringt nur selten was, denn das Repair erledigt
  10. It looks like the Mode 1 Transponder has the minimum and maximum values swapped around for its two digits: The first digit should have a value range of 0-7, the second digit should have a value range of 0-3, for a maximum Mode 1 Code of 73. Right now it's the other way around and the maximum Mode 1 Code is 37 instead. See here for further discussion of the topic.
  11. Great info, thanks! In the meantime I found this video that seems to support the mixing of the values in the Huey:
  12. I was wondering about the min and max values of the two digits of the Huey's Mode 1 transponder. # The first digit can go from 0-3, and the second digit can go from 0-7; the above screenshot shows the maximum value of 37. However, in other modules (A-10C, F/A-18C) the value range for the first digit is 0-7 and for the second digit it's 0-3 - basically the digit ranges are swapped around in comparison to the Huey, with their max value being 73 (instead of 37 for the Huey). Is that just the way it is with the transponders in these different aircraf
  13. Of course it would help if, instead of assuming that everyone immediately knows what you're talking about regarding a 10 year old module although I personally don't recall any such complaints on this forum within the last 20 or so months, you added a side by side video comparison between what you would expect and what we get instead, or at least some links to videos showing what it is like in DCS vs. reality, and if that was additionally backed up by subject matter expert comments, it would also help understand us, and ED, what it is they should be striving for exactly, so that any change rela
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