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  1. According to the manual, section "HOTAS Commands - Stick", it should be CMS Depress Long.
  2. Is that a trick question? Because it sounds a lot like you wouldn't install Windows 10 even if you could. I've upgraded some fairly old computers from Win 7 to Win 10 about a year ago, as the support for Win 7 ended. Surprisingly, most of them ran a good bit faster after the upgrade, and I'm also surprised how flawless the upgrade went on all of them. Even my dad had upgraded to Win 10 on his own some years ago, and he's not that good with computers. Basically, the hassle with Win 10 is setting it up to respect my privacy (within the bounds that Microsoft allows) and re
  3. I would assume so. IIRC ED said this was done to reflect on feedback they received from actual pilots. Personally I think I'll like it a lot better because I'll always have a set of "oh shit!" options available without frantically trying to cycle programs with the RWR beeping obnoxiously, and still have a preset program for expected threats. If it's realistic for suite 7 or 8 (roughly our A-10C II), then I assume it was probably also realistic for suite 3 (roughly the old A-10C). In any case, since I'll be switching between the 2 modules for a whil
  4. Which version of DCS? Did you update today? The description of the CMS functionality has been changed in the manual for the new A-10C II; according to today's patchnotes, this change finally made it into the game. The patchnotes didn't say anything about the old A-10C, but there's certainly a chance that it got the same changes. Can you download the A-10C II manual and check whether the old A-10C module uses the same functionality as documented in the chapter HOTAS Commands - Stick?
  5. ED representatives have said here on the forum that the new A-10C II will include the old A-10C module for the very particular reason to maintain compatibility with older missions and campaigns. A user very recently confirmed that by purchasing the A-10C II, he also got access to the old A-10C module.
  6. I remember the jaw-dropping when I first saw his demos. They still are breathtaking! So sad, and at such a young age. RIP!
  7. Thanks for the mission! I just tried it and found no problems with the DSMS in it. I changed weapons 4 times, and each time the DSMS also reloaded just fine from the LOAD page. The typical problem from having a DSMS folder in the mission file is that rearming and then reloading the DSMS doesn't work; all changed station will show up read even after reloading the DSMS. No such problem in this mission, at least not just now when I tested it. Could you be a little more specific what exactly happens for you, and what you mean by the game not loading the DSMS pag
  8. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but two things look a bit off. First, declaring a variable as local only needs to be done once. All following assignments can and should omit the "local" keyword. -- Declare some_var as local, and assign numerical value "1" to it local some_var = 1 -- Assign numerical value "2" to some_var. It'll still be the same local variable, but with another value ;) some_var = 2 Possibly more important, you keep assigning new values to the subN2 variable for no apparent reason. This may well be *the* culprit here. Le
  9. That's what it should do, but what I'm observing in the old A-10C (Instant Action Caucasus Free Flight) is maybe a 0.5 % increase in fuel flow and RPM at full throttle. In the A-10C II (also Instant Action Caucasus Free Flight), I see absolutely no reaction in the EMI needles; however, this mission is set in the winter, so there's a chance the outside conditions have an additional impact. In either case, this has long been reported, but so far we haven't seen the issue of the fuel override switches doing basically nothing addressed.
  10. Tried twice, but my DCS OpenBeta hangs indefinitely when loading the mission. Another mission in the Caucasus terrain with A-10s in it loaded fine. As far as I can tell, loading the DSMS is the least of the problems...
  11. You raise a very interesting point there. One the one hand, I agree that when the product requirements read "Windows 7" at the time the product is sold, then the final version of that product should indeed run on that same required OS. On the other hand, we're talking about Early Access titles, which, by definition, are not feature complete as long as they're in Early Access, and as the software landscape around us changes over time, I think it's only prudent to assume that the program's software requirements are going to change along with it. So we as Early Access cust
  12. Oh shit, not that DBA?! I mean, the timeframe even fits... SCNR In any case, welcome back to DCS! Looks like you've missed the original A-10C and can jump straight into the new A-10C II with a few new weapons and a brilliant new Helmet Mounted Cueing System. In other news, bad weather inbound - if you've seen the clouds we currently have in DCS and compare them to the clouds from the latest developer videos, it looks like DCS is going to get yet another amazing visual kick within a few months, so now sounds like a great time to come back to it.
  13. Ach, sowas kommt in den besten Familien vor... Und in der Geschichte der F-14 haben sich RIOs (oder sagen wir... Leute auf dem RIO-Sitz) auch schon wegen weniger rausgeschossen. Jester macht das schon ganz gut
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