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  1. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/
  2. I just thought I would mention for the latest beta version available it shows up as but is supposed to be
  3. I can answer this one. The extra discount for already owning the FA/18 will come off after you are logged in to the order form so it can verify you really own it. Total should end up just less than $25. And in my case I had some ED Miles from buying the JF-17T so my Super Carrier only cost me $17 plus come change. :thumbup: DB
  4. Thanks for the image and also now I know why I couldn't find some of the stuff. It was in the AXIS Commands. :music_whistling: I was in the AXIS tune for the curves but forgot about this area to look. I know that T6 slider worked on a few other jets but I didn't know where to enable it. I appreciate the help, DB
  5. Thanks guys for the info and screenshots. I was mainly having trouble finding all the sensors when I did a search. S1 and S2 sensors, the MMS section, and the T-6 Axis Antenna Elevation. I am using my WH in standard out of the box mode as I never used the Target software yet. Thanks, DB
  6. Hi, I took the plunge and bought the JF-17 yesterday and today I was setting up my HOTAS according to page 10 of the Chucks JF-17 manual. Are all of those settings currently applicable and able to be set? I am having trouble figuring out some of them as they do not show up when I do a search. If they are all supposed to be able to be set up, I will reply with a short list of the ones I need help with. Thanks, DB
  7. Thanks razo+r. That helps. I guess I was doing a short press. Thanks Harker. I think the "long press" is what was messing us up. I appreciate it. DB
  8. Me and the 2 guys I fly with seem to be having problems again switching between the AIM120 and the AIM9. It seems that in the past it worked some of the time so we thought we knew how to switch them, but today we could not get them to switch. What exactly is the correct procedure to switch the weapons? Also, it seemed like we could not get the SOI to switch either. We have Warthogs and set them up like the early access manual. Thanks, DB
  9. Thanks. It seems to me I asked this same question once before and was told missions made in the stable version would not run in the beta version. This is great news that it can as some missions take a long time to make and we all started out using the stable version then switched to the beta. :thumbup:
  10. Can I use a mission I created in the stable version and open and re-save it in the beta versions mission editor and run it with the beta version?? Just wanting to run a mission I created in the stable version. Thanks
  11. Ok, so I was thinking correct. And yes, I know how OVGME works but it is still a very nice utility for DCS. Thanks!
  12. Question: I have used OVGME for a while but only with the saved games folder. I open OVGME and select my mods and enable them, then I exit OVGME and the mods work fine. Now I am going to start to use some mods in the main beta game folder. After I enable them, can I still exit OVGME and they will work fine or do I have to leave OVGME running? I think I can exit and it will work, but I want to be sure if the normal way of using OVGME is selecting mods, activating mods, and exiting OGME. Thanks
  13. Ok, I think it would be a nice option in the future. I will put it on the wish list. :thumbup: Thanks, Dave
  14. question on track file Can a track file be made smaller with video editing software or some other way? The reason I ask is when we fly for 3-4 hours straight, that makes a large track file. Thanks, DB
  15. Ok, thanks. I was experiencing some weird stuff and in the end I think it was just a bad battery in my TrackIR. Mine runs on 2 AA rechargeable batteries and one was down to 0.85V while the other was at 1.24 like it is supposed to be. I am new to TrackIR as far as using it and was curious if in the adjustment screen under TrackIR if all the fields are supposed to be blank? The TrackIR works fine. Also, can you assign the Num5 key to the same key that centers the TrackIR using OpenTrack? I tried it but was unsure if it was really working. Thanks, Dave
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