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  1. Thanks! I just straight up uninstalled trixx since I wasn't using the resolution scaling options anyway, unfortunately it still persists, I'll keep looking though and let you know if I find anything else!
  2. Sharpening does seem to be the culprit, it looks normal when I turn it off. I'm using a 5700xt, glad to know it's not just me having issues!
  3. Hi, I've noticed a very small bug/ weird texture issue where using AMD Radeon image sharpening causes the white stripes around the master arm button to appear pink. I'm not sure if this is an AMD issue or a Razbam one, but I haven't experienced it with any other modules so I thought I'd bring it to your attention. My drivers are up to date and I haven't had any similar issues in any other modules, or anywhere else in the Harrier cockpit. Obviously due to it being a post processing issue by Radeon software, the issue isn't visible in screenshots so I can't post a picture of th
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