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  1. Well - I formatted and did a fresh install of windows on my 7200 SATA drive and it works fine. SOOO I did the same on my m.2 drive thinking i just needed a clean install. Installed windows, video and MB drivers, steam and DCS - same stuttering.
  2. I actually have tried 2 different powered usb 2.0 hubs with no difference. On this board, the manual specifically states that all usb 2 and 3 ports are controlled by the xHCI controller - and the bios has no option to disable that. That seems to be a fix with people having issues with the X52/56 stuff - although it reverts all ports to usb 2.0 speeds. Without a powered external port a lot of newer PCs won't even recognize that these are plugged in. FSX, 2020, IL2, squadrons all work fine.
  3. I have an NVME and SATA drive, and i have tried installing on both. The only thing I haven't tried is installing windows on the SATA drive, but I really don't think that's the issue since its directly related to the hotas hardware. i also figured out that with the hotas plugged in, if do nothing - (no inputs) the framtime is stable. Its not until i start stick or throttle or button inputs. Even with the stick plugged in if i fly with the keyboard there are no stutters. I wish I had different joystick hardware to try. I tried connecting my xbox one controller via USB but I cant get windows to r
  4. I appreciate the quick responses but unfortunately I already have the hot plug option in my config file. Also I believe the latest update put that button right in the control settings. I've also tried the trick in hardware where you tell windows not to turn off usb to save power. This is super frustrating. I do use an external powered USB hub because my Asus x570 board doesn't natively support the old USB standards, but I think is is common for X52/6 users. Again no issues in any other sim
  5. I have the same issue with my X52. The second i unplug it stops stuttering. Plug it in and i get frametime spikes every 1-2 seconds. The is the THE only game that does this. I don't have $800 to drop in a warthog in hopes that it fixes this.
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