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  1. Hi BD, (unsure which is the right subforum to report issues w/ OC minicampaign ?) I found a small issue inM5 : the medevac truck clips the tail of the medevac Huey and destroys it Moving WP4 of truck BAT_Med_Transport3 a few meters north works fine. I might also have run over one of the drivers of the fuel trucks, trying to takeoff and trigger the next event, so be aware that impatient pilots may cause mission-blocking things, with one or several wingmen remaining stuck on the tarmac. You might want to put a fuel truck in front of the player too ? (can't do anything for VT
  2. Hi BD ! Replaying through this campaign and I had a minor issue in M13 (the one where you are tasked to HARM the SA15, as element lead of a Marines flight ). Not mission breaking but still, immersion breaking. Here goes : after takeoff, the flight lead just "scissors" his way towards WP1, in full AB, basically turning 60° off to one side then reversing to 60° on the other side and back ... and back... The problem stopped when the call to "push WP2/IP" triggered at 17:20. Mission continued correctly (well, then I had a DCS crash but that's probably not linked). Expected : just
  3. Yes ! Just saw the changelog on the openbeta ! :thumbup: I'll probably replay the campaign when it hits stable, I'm getting more and more comfortable with the F18. M14 : I admit I didn't check what the rest of the flight did, I dropped my bombs and then high-tailed it out, followed by a healthy cloud of chaff. :music_whistling: What's your next project ? (So I can learn a new plane if needed :joystick:)
  4. Very minor issue on M14 (Steam current version) : there seem to be some debug messages left, like "Flak on", "Tron in zone" or "SA15 West on" (which I admit is ... pretty convenient). Amazing mission, my hands are still shaking after M14+M15.
  5. Big thanks, for two reasons : First, for that campaign. It is amazing, and a true work of art in scripting, voice acting, the overall mission dynamics, everything ! It manages to top my former favorite, which is your Red Flag M2000 (mostly because of Max, I have to say, although it is also an amazing campaign). Second, because I discovered Kevin Miller and his books ! I grew up on Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts (which I just started re-re-re-re-(...)-reading after finishing all three KM books) and it feels just as gripping. Who knew that a carrier trap at night in bad weather woul
  6. FYI (sorry for the necro but it's in case someone is stuck too) : for taxi, you need to wait a bit after the F10 radio call trigger pops up and really press space *at the fragged taxi time*. It gives enough time for the 3rd A10 group to take off in front of you, otherwise they get stuck or never catch up. Otherwise it's doable, even if the gazelles are tough opponents ! Select flares (preset #8) and drop a lot of them ! HTH, Buzz.
  7. Update : mission is now *completable* on current stable ( ! Onwards for more Max adventures. :) :) :)
  8. Nope nope nope ! Enjoy your vacations, I can wait. But thanks ! I have other campaigns to fly in the Mirage and I'm learning to fly the A10C (and looking forward to playing The Enemy Within once I'm proficient in that plane). :joystick: Also, as a French person, I have to say the writing and voice acting in the M2000 campaigns are awesome. :thumbup:
  9. Also, for some reason, I can't change the starting spot like I did to workaround the bugs in the Caucasus campaign. Quite frustrating. I love those campaigns and their storyline but gosh are they brittle.
  10. ** Update : mission is now *completable* on current stable ( ! ** TLDR: bugged taxi AI + hold on 03L causes unescapable mission fail (It's the mission where you escort a B-1B) On current stable ( ) AI wingmen don't stop during taxi and crash into you. This can be usually avoided by taxiing fast and taking off without waiting. Unfortunately, this mission actually requires player to hold on 03L. Meaning you get crashed into the back by wingmen (ouch) who, to add insult to injury, push you over the hold line and you get a "mission failed" on top of a pile of broke
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