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  1. I see what your saying. I’d would suggest to winwing tho that something similar to the virpil software dual axis sync would solve the axis misalignment for those that choose not to mechanically sync the throttles. On a side note, I actually went to try locking them last night but found I couldn’t because with the mt mounting bars installed the sync screw is blocked. Not a chance in hell I’ll be using that feature I guess, thats 47 minutes of my life I’m not willing to part with.
  2. Virpil has a setting where if the two axis are within a certain percentage of each other one axis gets copied to the other making them identical, which would be very useful in this case. I guess I don’t see why you need to calibrate differently if the throttles are locked together?
  3. Tried this but didn’t seem to make a big difference, atleast looking at the raw values in the simapp software. Is this supposed act like an axis sync similar to the virpil software?
  4. Might have just found a fix. I’ve had the throttle over a year now, had this issue right from the beginning, tried the above calibration solutions but never got satisfying results (my preferred set up is with no spacers, throttles de-coupled). I would recommend trying the detent calculator found in user files. Run through all your 3 calibrations and set your afterburner ratio to 75 in simapp. Then run dcs and follow the instructions for the detent calculator. For both throttles I got the same results of 0-10-19-29-39-49-59-70-80-90-100, which only makes the midrange difference worse.
  5. chucks guide should give you all the bindings for that setup http://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/ cheers
  6. Ordered my MT 50cm2 Oct.17, in hand Nov. 6. Was very pleasantly surprised with the quick turnaround. Ordered an extension as well Oct. 28 and was delivered Nov. 16, so they seem to have solved most of they’re supply/demand woes. Would definitely recommend
  7. 1 - 0.1724 (rounded) = 0.8276, as a percentage that’s 82.76%, round that up to 83% and there you go
  8. MYa I realized that about 5 minutes after posting :doh: slightly embarrassing sorry
  9. Any guess what this is? F-16 grip? Or maybe a button press mod for fingerlifts?
  10. It behaves exactly like the tm warthog, the idle detents are really each a button push. You assign the idle/off function to each. The in sim throttle acts accordingly just make sure you set afterburner detent to always off, as they are NOT recognized as button pushes, just the idle detent itself, hence behaves just like the Tm warthog...except WAYY better IMO. Hope this helps Edit: yes you physically move the throttle during startup/shutdown just to be clear
  11. Ya just ran the mission again actually and noticed that haha. Found him right where I should have been looking, thanks!
  12. Have tried this mission 5-6 times with same result, keep getting stuck on the 5th target. The voiceover says it’s a tank proceeding south to north on the western perimeter main road, which if I understand the briefing correctly, the same road target #4 also a tank was on, therefore I’m easily able to identify the road. However I’ve spent 3-4 hours combined orbiting above 25000 feet and cannot id the tank. Have tried a few low passes as well to id or atleast draw fire so I know it exists, but that only gets you absolutely lit up by sa. Mission debrief shows a bmp spawned at the right time and i
  13. Hello all, I am selling my warthog throttle with j-pein desk mount, both are like new less than a year old. I'd prefer to sell within US, looking for $250 shipping included. Includes a brand new fingerlifts mod i never installed, still in packaging.
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