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  1. it was actually quite easy: I modified the mission I was going to play by hand by moving me and the wingmen to Dubai Intl and adjusted the route changed oob_air.lua so that my group appears to be based at Dubai intl played the mission (the wingmen didn't run out of fuel doh! ) accepted results and generated next mission The new mission has me and the wingmen starting from Dubai intl, and the planned route makes sense too. So there's no need to skip any mission
  2. I am playing Falcon over pg and the player base is set to al dhafra. Problem is that I lose more wingmen due to their inability to manage fuel so fall out of the sky than due to the enemy shooting them down, so I was going to change the base to dubai international. I saw that I can do that in oob_init.... But do I have to restart the campaign for that to work?
  3. Simple, the last part of the script "-w DCS.whatever" tells dcs to write the server files in saved games/DCS.whatever. You don't need any additional install. And the files written by the server are just a few small ones.
  4. Regarding using a dedicated server (in case someone wonders), it is not necessary to have a separate DCS install, all you need to do is to start a dedicated server (using your current install) assigning it a different folder. I have a script with a single line that does that: start "" "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS.exe" --server --norender -w DCS.server1 Mind you I have 64Gb RAM so I can run both the server and the client on the same machine. The FPS gain is real and I can now play OK in VR! How to manage the server through the webUI is explained elsewhere in
  5. So, I'm playing Falcon over pg and the ato decided it was OK to generate a 2 vs 8 intercept mission. It was AWESOME! I realised that once I was out of ammo i could just rtb, rearm and go back at it. Not only that, when the 8 baddies had died I noticed other baddies going about their business. Well, what about landing and rearming again and going after these guys too? It was the best mission ever. And the campaign status was duly updated. This would not be possible without DCE so a massive thanks to mbot,cef, Miguel and whoever else contributed to this
  6. Just because smtg in real life is a chore it doesn't mean that the chore aspect needs to be in the game. Want full in game fidelity including chore? Great, go ahead and click all you like and fill out all the forms you like, nobody is stopping you. We'll have to agree to disagree, but it's great that DCS caters for both type of users.
  7. Autostart has its use: a bunch of mp servers do not offer hot start slots, and many many single missions and campaigns have you starting cold and dark. Unless you want to edit each mission, you're gonna have to start the jet yourself. I will let the DCS "hardcores" start the jet manually each time and I won't suggest ED to remove manual start either. I would also suggest said hardcores to set up a live streamed tournament to find out who's best at manually starting planes. I must be missing something by refusing to do that myself over and over again
  8. .. Because? Don't like it, don't use it.
  9. No, I'm using a rift s and t.16000m stick and throttle
  10. Yes still there with the latest stable release, and it happens with the f16 too. I can reproduce it consistently in a fighter sweep mission when aim 120s are in the air
  11. I ended up with this setup: In voiceattack i have these commands executed when I say "startup" : 6x time speedup Auto start Wait 30s Time normal So I'm ready to go in 30s having left the dumb operations to the computer to do. The modified autostart macro does the stored alignment and I have also added commands to setup the hud, cmds etc how I like it. In the IC I don't see the file I modified mentioned, I suppose that means it passes IC?
  12. That's the point. I want that as an option when doing autostart. And it is a chore anyways. But never mind, I have made a mod and now when I click left win + home the autostart sequence does the stored alignment ins alignment instead of the full one.
  13. I like the high fidelity of weapons systems, sensors etc and that's why I "fly" the f16. I don't want them dumbed down. But starting it up is a chore. There is no learning, no enjoyment in doing so after you've done it a few times. As I said I have to choose how I spend the time I have. My car starts with the push of a button. I certainly don't want it more complicated than that. If you like manual start you're free to continue doing so - this would be an option for those who can only "fly" when the kids are in bed
  14. ... To fly? I click buttons all day, if you don't have your daily fill click all you like
  15. I think it would be great to have an alternative auto start command that does the stored alignment cold start. It may be seen as cheating by some, but the "cheat" auto start exists already. I am one of those users whose time is short and is better spent flying rather than on the ground. All workarounds I can think of are cumbersome. Thanks
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